Now that T4 thralls are nerfed to oblivion

So, I can sort of understand having to nerf the guaranteed T4 thrall spawns, but having done so, could we please revisit the overall T4 spawn rates?? The alpha clans on the servers had the opportunity to endlessly farm a disproportionate number of T4 smith’s, alchemists, and whatever else used to spawn 100%. Boxes filled entirely with Sayds from the volcano.

Meanwhile, new players get to spend outrageous amounts of time trying to get T4s. I’ve personally spent 8 hours at a crack clearing Black hand ship and not seen a single T4. And now I hear only one of the alchemist spawns even work any more.

The barrier to entry into competing with the people that got to abuse 100% spawn rates has jumped way higher than it should be.

The volcano SHOULD have guaranteed spawns, as the “hardest” area in the game. And even if it doesn’t, overall spawn rates need to be looked at. PLEASE.


No thanks!

I think it’s fine that they are hard to get… yes, having the Volcano thralls spawn at 100% was a mistake, but it’s not corrected by reinstating that broken system. Time will take care of it, partly by “old clans” disappearing, and partly by other clans catching up through normal means and diminishing returns (the 5th T4 thrall is much, much less valuable than the first, after all).

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T4 thralls should spawn randomly at every thrall spawn and not have a fixed point.
Having them spawning at a fixed point just make it easier for bigger clans to control certain spots.
The rate should be rare as it is, but they should have the chance to spawn at any thrall camp.

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actually the Volcano has bugs in the spawn… kinda an embarassing problem.

Yeah, I mean, why give any sort of incentive to play in the hardest area of the game, right? Since a T4 crafter spawning in the desert next to the noob area does the exact same thing as a crafter T4 that spawns in the volcano, which is both harder to get to and harder to survive in, why shouldn’t it be guaranteed? There’s plenty of time sinks in this game as it is and we are facing attrition rates far higher than what’s survivable for the foreseeable future. Nerfing something like this when it has been in the game for as long as it has been, which had not been hurting the game in any way, is absurd.

Especially when the company seems to have zero haste to fix the fact that there’s ONE spawn point in the whole map that even works for T4 alchemists right now, when now more than ever we need to stay on top of these easily fixable bugs to keep our already dwindling community happy.

News flash: there’s a reason why game models like that of which EverQuest used have failed and why World of Warcraft had become so insanely popular in the long run. People don’t want to sink 40+ hours into a game just to be able to compete with the players that have been around long enough to exploit 100% spawn rates, for thralls that can be raided and taken or killed in an instant anyway. If your logic were sound, and having more than 1 of each T4 were worthless, alpha clans wouldn’t be sitting on literally hundreds of them right now.

Also, would you direct me to the patch notes that state the change to these 100% spawns was intentional? I’m not saying it wasn’t, it’s just odd that the spawns were completely broken at the same time that the rates were changed.

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Who says T4 crafters need spawn in the noob area? I’m sure some did, but I didn’t.

I don’t accept the premise that it doesn’t hurt anything. It made farming anything but the Volcano completely pointless, except if you wanted a specific armorer that didn’t spawn there perhaps.

As I said, that’s not right. But reinstating the old broken 100% spawns is not the way to fix it.

Yeah, so I didn’t say anything beyond the first is “worthless” but it seems the only way you can (try to) make your point is by pretending I said a bunch of things I didn’t, and then arguing against that. I said they have diminishing returns, which is a fact.

Though I do agree that EverQuest’s time is long gone, and if you checked my history you’d find that I’m usually arguing against that kind of gameplay. I’m not arguing for making T4 spawns harder on average, I’m arguing that
A) They can be rare, otherwise what’s the point?
B) 100% spawns is not the way to go.

I can’t, because despite repeated requests Funcom have chosen not to speak in any detail about this, just giving vague references to “adjusting” things (including in the latest TestLive build). Probably because (taking their track record into account) no-one really knows, or if they do they forgot to communicate that fact to the Community team. I’m just choosing to believe it was intentional, because I think it was the right choice. Not that history is exactly on my side in that assumption though, so it may just be a random bug for all I know!

Thralls should not be able to be stored in chests after removing from wheel of pain, and all thralls in chests just vanish, like the orbs patch. Problem solved.

No… they weight to damn much, and don’t always have room set them down, till base is ready.

its video game…not real life.

If they wanna patch certain spawns out, they can. but don’t screw over players who have 3-4 armor thralls in a chest.


I lean on crafter thralls having a durability. a very high one, but one none the less. Every time you craft with them it goes down. This would incorporate a way to get people out and about gathering thralls once they use worked the poor fella/gal to the bone :slight_smile:

Before everyone lops my head off, this is from a clan member who has chests of T4 thralls. Mainly because while zeal hunting i can’t resist grabbing a named. It is in my blood.

But once the fix (testlive notes) is implemented, i like the fact that each crafter has its own spawn area. The random level is enough. If they randomized level and type everywhere, the farming would be more tedious and chance. Knowing where the type is at least allows you to farm with strategy. imagine if iron, brimstone, and obsidian were done like that. Chaos. You couldn’t log in knowing what you needed/wanted to do, because you would have to scour map to find what resource you were looking for. More tIme sink i wouldn’t want.

This is one thing which really needs to be reviewed.
I think the t4 spawnrate might at most need a slight push (=+5% chance for t4 spawning at most) so that t4 still stay rare but not 48 hours grinding time-like.
Also each bigger camp (like seperemu, black galleon, asagarth, mounds, volcano - heck maybe even den and summoning place) should come with chances for each t4.

Or nerf them right down to 1% chance on t4 if we are enabled to let our lower tiered thralls do a rough training. This training might have a 25% for the thrall to reach the next tier, 15% for two tiers above or 5% for a tier 1 to hit tier 4. If the training fails it causes the thrall to die.

Another idea crossed my mind!
Lets have thralls be rolled out when they have been done in the wheel, just like it’s being done with pets! No more killing worthless thralls - instead each thrall will be taken in. Each of them coming with similar chances like pets to turn out as better variants. If that was being combined with thrall training…
This might allow for having players go for better food when having thralls on the wheel. Like with the shadespiced stuff being used for a better pet, better flavored stuff would be used for higher chances on better thralls.

Sorry, my thoughts went haywire. Though that doesnt mean I wouldnt like to see such things… :wink:

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Oh and additional to this, but it would probably be like hijacking the topic…

This thought is about removing a good portion of thrall bases because of them not being needed anymore:
What about removing stats from armor and instead having the players put stats on armor themselves?
Then it could still be done in the current way of all normal parts coming with 1 of a certain stat, chest+trousers of exceptional coming with 2 other three with 1 stats and flawless each piece coming with 2 stats except for gloves which comes with 1.

Together with all big camps having a chance for each crafter popping up as t4 this would most likely reduce the amount of those thrall bases.
This would make the choice of armor be dependant on their type (light-heavy) and their visuals again.
Currently visuals of an armor have zero impact for those who want a build in which they can run around 24/7.

I agree that you should be able to store them until you’re ready to use them, but putting them in a chest is dumb. Yes it’s a video game, but I can only suspend my disbelief so far.

We already have a couple different types of cages in the game that have no use except for decoration. They should be used for thrall storage instead.

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sounds like you’ve got a case of jealousy. I’m assuming you’re sitting in a tiny base and not in a big massive powerful one like mine. I worked many months for what I have, you shouldn’t get to dictate if it gets taken away or not. If people duped, then they should be punished, but I’ve grinded many hours, and you seem to want to kill the game by running off those who are dedicated.

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For me, its Toss up.

named thralls… video game wise… its nice have back ups. abit of realism 2ndary gameplay says, each player can nab one named. (of said named)

Which leads to, Let say I got Gridd Archer. She is removed from my list, and wont appear in next purges till she is dead. this way, other named will pop up. Gotta get them all!

As for varkis (or w/e name is) I say leave him as a get-able thrall, but clear out old ones or limit him. If they do remove him as a thrall, then ya… clear him out.
there having advantage do to being here day 1, and clearly just having army of one said thrall that can not be repeated by anyone else. Thats, abit unfair. (In my book anyway…) Its one thing to have “rare event outfit/item” from day 1 that can’t be repeated.
But havign army of named thrall no one can get now…is abit OP.

As for storage in Boxes, and Cages… well ya, Cages would be great in gameplay/realism fashion… Thou my thralls aren’t prisoners… Cages is neat/great idea for thrall storage. I’m fine with boxes till there ready.

Edit: I’ll reword the thrall list idea abit.
Lets pretend there 3 named thralls.
Bob, Tom and Varikis
I find varkis and Ko him, wheel or pain him. he’s now label Sera’s Varkis. So this way, if i knock him out again… it can’t wheel of pain him. This way, each player can have 1.

And if Bob and Tom share a spawn, it’ll repeat them as so, I may run into tom again, but can’t wheel of pain him twice (till he died)

A Purge, could generate a player list if there base is picked. It wont spawn repeats. This way over-time I increase my chances of finding them (those that spawn in purges anyway) the more i “Survive”

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