Alchemist Spawn Rate Still Bugged?



So based on this Alchemist 4 spawns I am wondering if there has been a fix yet? I don’t think so, but looking to see if anyone has some concrete knowledge on this. Know of any other ‘broken’ spawns? And when I say ‘broken’, I don’t mean the spawn rate, but the ability for the T4’s to actually spawn.

Thank you!


Do you refer to testlive? If you refer to the base game, then no nothing has been adjusted. There is a note about named thrall adjustments on testlive though.


Is it fixed on TestLive? As in, other T4 alchemists than the MotD one can spawn?


Patch Note just says " Adjusted spawn timers for some of the rare T4 NPCs". I don’t check on the spawns until I can get my hands on the data tables for the dev kit when it’s updated to live, I don’t have time to do a raw testlive check. So I have no idea what’s fixed on testlive and what isn’t, but I’ll know after live gets updated and the dev kit does too.


Well here’s to hoping it evens out some of the issues introduced when they (correctly, IMO) removed 100% volcano spawns.


Thanks for the replies!


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