Alchemist 4 spawns

Since you guys nerfed the alchemist spawns, my clan hasn’t seen one tier 4 alchemist in a whole week while we diligently farmed all spawns for one, we have been taking shifts looking for them. Since their spawn rate has been nerfed so bad how about you guys make it so they can spawn at any camp instead of just the north. In reality nerfing the spawns only make raiding less friendly for newer tribes because bombs will cost way more. The new guys are going to have it really rough, it’s going to make them all likely to quit.


Too bad you can’t go to Set city and just hire one for 100 gold coin for a number of days. Farming a spot gets old quickly. I’d also suggest that random thralls come looking to be hired. You randomly get a message (based on your reputation perhaps) that says a traveler seeks work for x amount of coin. Then it prompts you to reply yes or no. If you have the coin and say yes, then the Thrall appears in your inventory. I only play xbox, so if this is already a mod on PC, then please bring it over to xbox. Being able to hire Thralls, named and otherwise, would cut down on the frustration and repetitiveness of farming Thralls, and would increase the necessity of a coin based economy. Plus, since you would have to have the amount of coin on you, the more incentive their would be for players to be robbed by other players. If the a.i. was better, you could have random thralls appear in the country side as you travel who seek to rob you of your inventory, lest they kill you.


Yeah they could totally make a slaver in set city that sells different slaves periodically for a lot of coins. I also like the idea of having random thralls that try to mug you that would be fun especially if you end up pvping with a random person lol!


The Thrall could have an expiration timer, based on the amount of coin used. You could extend the time by dumping coin in their work station. It would work like pets, but instead of food, they consume coin. On pvp, I think it would be great fun. Certain blunt weapons and maces would do lots of sundering and health damage, but would only knock players out at a certain point so that they could be robbed but not slain.

There are a few bugged alchemist spawns at the moment. The only on that can actually spawn is at the mounds.

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Like everything else, people would just throw them in a preservation box when they weren’t using them.

That would need to be fixed so that it keeps ticking. Actually, I prefer to think of the Thrall icon in my inventory as a contract or document for convenience, since storing several full grown people in my backpack or chest seems a tiny bit unrealistic.

Must be new Conan :slight_smile :slight_smile:
But seriously, i would prefer a tweak as well to inventory system Something more a kin to the good ole days of resident evil from Capcom. There wasn’t a weight, but a space system instead. It would take up x amount of squares depending on the item. Thralls should take a 3 x 3 space up, while something like plant seeds is a 1 x 1. Basically the “heavier” an item, the more inventory space needed. It would make farming a little different and storage closer to something other than dump everything in preserve boxes that spoils, and everything else in chests/vaults
. I have just got into the dev-kit, but first thing to look into for me is the data table structures, as well as spoil system. I will have to identify how to separate the items that the preserve box can preserve, like food and organic materials, but things like baby animals and thralls should not be allowed in the box. Just my honest opinion.

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If thralls have an expiration timer then the player should have one too. I don’t really think that’s a great idea, it is just fine the way it is.

I also think that changing the inventory system would just make raiding and defending slow and cumbersome, in pvp servers you get 6 hours to raid people, some bases are very well defended and will sometimes take every minute of raid time to break in said bases. I honestly don’t think that’s a great idea as well.

Being able to do what you need to do right away is important in your first few days on a server. I feel like the ideas would discourage and make newer people quit the game early and this game needs every player it can get.

Also ad more female t3, t4 working thralls, its and unbalanse in genders.

The player having an expiration timer sounds like exactly the kind of improvement we can expect one of these days, of course unannounced and hidden in a patch that ostensibly does something else.


When I mentioned that I should have said that I was being sarcastic, I know you were joking too right?..

Technically the player does have an expiration timer–hunger and thirst. Though not active when logged out, they do require you to “refresh” every so often or you will “expire”. Then you spawn in 1 of 3 set points (technically 7, 5 different broken highways). Only difference with thralls is, the thrall spawns in @15 minutes after captured/killed. Just saying :wink:

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I was talking about a permadeath you expire and have to make a new guy.

So we have been at mounts of the dead for at least the last 3-4 days and grinded out about 10k zeals for our shrine while we were at it, still no alchemist for Xbox. Could you please fix the spawns funcom? My buddy also went to all the spawns and tried going into single player, setting all the spawns to instant, went to every named alchemist spawn, and he killed 2 days worth of thralls on every spawn point (one thrall equals 15 minutes) still no named alchemists.

Mounds of Dead is still the only alchemist spawn point, so your buddy going to all the other places was for naught. Not sure why you are having so much bad luck, but I know the alchemist actually works because I’ve spent time with the actual data tables (as I always do everytime the spawn tables are altered as I have 3 mods that use those spawn tables). But only at the mounds of dead, everywhere else is bugged due to data table issues (which have been documented by other modders and submitted to Funcom already).

According to Funcom’s Trello board though, they have made adjustments to various named Thralls internally. Likely we will see those changes in the next major patch.

I think there is something wrong with the Xbox version because no names are showing up. Do you know when the next patch is coming up? I’m just frustrated because it makes it harder for newer clans.

No idea when the next patch is coming out, sorry. As far as I know, PC and Xbox use the same spawn tables since they have largely received the same updates as of today. I could be wrong, the only spawn tables I can actually technically view are the ones for PC since it’s PC assets that are viewable in the data tables.

No i have playes sins day one and never sen a named alkemist.

There used to be one that was a 100% guarantee at the Volcano before the pets patch. There were other working alchemists before as well. RNG is like that, though I have no idea how you missed a spawn that was a 100% guarantee for 5 months.

I am talking about the actual spawn tables, not playing the game and guessing what does and doesn’t work. You are welcome to not believe me as you wish though.