Fix bearer thralls, or, make them vendor thralls?

Bearer thralls are useless atm, we all know that.

However, what about making them vendor thralls?

I can put a vendor thrall in the jungle with a small shop, selling brimstones or coals since they are not easy to get there, putting tons of such items in the thrall, and asking some specific resource in return (for example, steel bar, volatile gland etc that have greate yield in jungle area, maybe even black lotus).

You can return later to gather the resource the thrall aimed to get, and restock him/her. The trader place will fill its decay timer a bit if trading happened.

They still need more inventory spaces, but this implementation will be way better than the current bearer thrall


Yeah they could use a rework for sure. And this merchant Idea is great.

I wholehartedly agree with the coal problem there… But brimstone shortage in swunge? Are you kidding me? Have you mapped the water-bottoms near the eastern coast and just south from derketo’s teacher?
Hint: look for bubbles underwater… Don’t forget to use a breathing potion :smiley:

Another hint: look for shipwrecks in their vicinity too they can give you gold and silver (bars and/or coins).

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Bearers definitly need an update, They can do nothing any other thrall can do.
They need more inventory space.

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