Are bearer thralls getting more inventory?

are bearer thralls getting more inventory before launch?


They are not even fully implemented. On release they will.

thing is they have not actually said that they will be fixed for launch

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I read somewhere they will work on release.

T1 should have 10 slots and each tier increase it by 5 or something like that.

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you got a link to that?

Hope so! Once they have increased inventory, and the unkillable thrall fix for pve comes, they will be very useful!

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and by that a t4 would only have 25 slots which is still useless
needs 50

ya people would just go hunting for peoples bearer and loot it

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Nope i don’t. Propably some devs said it somewhere between posts, like sometimes many other stuffs. So it’s gonna be hard to find it out.

I’ll try to search for it ;p
But im 99,9% sure it’s like i said. They will work on final version.

About the slots - I think it’s okay to have only this much. You can already turn yourself into NEVER ending farm machine with encumbrance perks. It would be TOO good if bearer thralls could have so many slots.

There is also chance they might have more than this on release.

well if they add the ability for private servers to have more than 1 thrall on follow it might work. we a re a small group and will need to carry more.
might look into a stack mod

As someone who loves building and is almost always over-encumbered, 25 slots sounds really good to me. Sure, 50 would be better, but I see nothing wrong with 25.

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It was in the Dev stream with Jens and Oscar a week or so ago I believe.

I saw that and all they said was they will carry a lot but nothing about if its live or when it will be fixed or how much

I’m not one for PvP but the thought of a huge convoy of bearers carrying someones everything across the map only to be intercepted sounds awesome


nope after official release, the thralls will be unkillable in PvE or PvE-C server.

And it is already unkillable if you unchecked ‘Player can damage own building’

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So what happens to an unkillable Bearer Thrall if the player dies? Does that Bearer Thrall respawn with the player’s respawn point or does the Bearer Thrall stay where the player died (and runs from whatever just killed the player… maybe leaving the area… running to and fro across the map)?

I have a named Bearer on a testlive server. He has 5 slots, one taken by a weapon.

This is an interesting question which I will try out tonight.
Yesterday on a live Official server, I had a Bearer following me in base 1. I took off my bracelet to respawn in my base 2 bed. The Bearer following me just remained in base 1. I suspect you’re right in that they will remain with the body, run away once you’re dead, or more likely, get killed by the same thing that killed you.

It can work if Thralls is as safe as buildings outside pvp time. then you probebly can use it. If not other player will just run around and kill them and let the loot rot. Just like all comat thralls that will only be farmed first day its put out.

Be very careful going up elevators inside buildings with said thralls. lol I had two fighters I tried placing near the front door of my temple, but because of the placement of certain dancers, I couldn’t position them well. So, I went to move them upstairs to another floor. My temple uses an elevator to get upstairs, rather than climb/use stairs.

So, I figured, the fastest way to do this would be to click “Move” on one, and have the other one just follow you. That way once you’re upstairs, you can easily position both thralls. Well, I went upstairs and placed the thrall that was set on “Move”. I then heard a weird, gorey, liquidy sound come from downstairs. I wasn’t sure what it was, so after I placed the thrall I turned around to grab the other thrall, but she wasn’t there. I’ve climbed walls with thralls before, and they usually teleport to the top with you. I figured it would be the same here. Nope.

I went downstairs to get her, thinking the elevator messed it all up. I looked around everywhere and couldn’t see her. Then I looked down at my altar. She blew up. Rather than follow me, she blew up. lol

So, be careful taking thralls upstairs. XD They get too excited. >_>;;