How Much Can A Bearer Thrall Carry



I’m wandering if bearer thrall’s are worth having. I do a lot of iron/stone runs and with my horse I can carry 10k. How much would a T3 & T4 Bearer carry of stone or Iron ?


i only use my grater pets, they give good defens and leveling them at the same time!

the horse has 10 slots , the camels / turanian rhinos/elephants and T4 bearers have 35 slots of inventory (and weight is not considered on thralls) so yes they are quite the upgrade in terms of space . but depending on witch follower you already have I would say the best to farm a lot is still to respec in full encumberance plus 2nd or 3rd survival perk (since you become the bearer :wink: )

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Yeah same but there must be a point to using a bearer

It was when they came in to the game, they was in game b4 animal pets came to the game.

T1 bearer = 10 slots
T2 bearer = 15 slots
T3 bearer = 20 slots
T4 bearer = 25 slots

Carry weight is unlimited.

I typically go for a T3 because the health is bugged. Horse is ok for long hauls like going to Salt Flats for Brimstone but if you are looking to farm iron and stone by the tens of thousands then a bearer is real handy.


Bearer has most slots and can use a truncheon, compared to animals.

Pets are great for starting or if you dont find a T4 bearer.

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And the dropp when you kill them is nice to.

Well my friend i think @UltraViolent was exact. If you are kind enough a solution click for her post would be a nice and smart thought, it won’t cost you a thing after all😜

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What level r u?


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T3 Bearer can do pretty much anything in a pinch. If I am out an about collecting iron/stone and feel like taking down a world boss, the T3 bearer can tank it. Just takes a bit longer cause the bearer damage sucks.


T3 bearer, lvl 20, +15k hp…lvled with steak, and gruel. Dmg is minimal, but they can get beat on forever…give em venom infused wpns and they are a bit better…

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25k rocks + weapon and shield
25 stacks of 100
but tell yourself this: if bearer could be irl people you wouldnt want to mess with a guy who can carry 5 tons of rocks without being tired one bit


The venom infused ax works really good if you can craft it. Bleed every once in a while, and then poison every strike. Any Daggers on a thrall are ehh, because of the random back flip out of attack. I also tend to carry a hammer and daggers myself when boss farming. I can then stack bleed and sunder to help the chap out a bit.

A donkey can carry a lot more stuff than a panther. A donkey can probably survive getting beaten with sticks for longer than a panther, too. Does that make the donkey more dangerous?

Also, I’d rather not mess with a guy who can carry five tons of rocks, naked, and somehow we don’t see where he’s carrying those rocks.


I carry the load and my NPC protects me

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A bearer would carry as much as a bearer could carry if a bearer could carry wood…

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I can’t bear the thought you bearly beat me to that! You truly beared your humor there.

A bearer thrall would carry as much as a bearer thrall could carry if the bearer thrall carried as much as a bearer thrall could and would carry if you gave the poor guy something other than gruel!