Bearer pack suggestion

I think need some improvement to bearer pack to use on thralls.Can be give 10 extra slots.Now you get bearer,take off pack and give normal armour-and nothing change with inventory.Or simple pack with 5 and improved with 10 slots

You don’t get any extra inventory slots, but you do get +5 to encumbrance. It’s very useful if you want to spec out for full enc farming.

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I know and use in some situations.But i talk about sense to use on thralls.

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Oh, on thralls! My bad, I didn’t see that :man_facepalming:

Being able to use it on thralls would defeat the use of bearers.

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Except as tank archer defenders/annoyances…18,000 HP on a fully leveled tier III.

I want backpacks and saddle custom options… =3


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