Bearer thrall sugestion

As it stands right now, the bearer thrall doesnt have any carry weight like any other thrall and can carry 5 slots of items like any other thrall. To me they seem useless.
I would say you could give him/her more slots depending on the level… like:
Bearer 1 = 5 slots
Bearer 2 = 10 slots
Bearer 3 = 15 slots
Bearer 4 = 20 slots
That would make them worth of being captured and it also gives them the purpose they were supposed to have in the game, be a carry mule :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully something like this will happen. The camels supposedly have more inventory slots (as per the updates), and as is painfully obvious by now, the pet system and the thrall system are linked at the hip - so if it’s possible for camels it should be possible for bearer thralls.

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I agree but say double those values.
T1 10
T2 20
T3 30
T4 40

Every thrall is potentially a bearer at the moment as they can all carry 5 slots.

At the moment if I was going to take someone out to carry 5 things, it would be vathis the hierophant. He might even survive.


This so obviously needs fixing I flagged it as a bug, as it’s not noted on the PC Issues Status list.

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