Thrall bearers useless- a way to make them relevant

Bearers are really useless when higher levels.

It would probably be better of we had a function to rework them and set them up on trade routes between our bases. That link would help with resource transfer and make them relevant to being at your bases.

At least this way they don’t stand around just to pose.

Could even have a small random chance rob them on pvp servers for some more fun.

PVE- they could have a small chance of dieing to a mob leaving their goods lootable for passers by.

Think fallout 4 traders that you set up between your bases.


This needs to be in the suggestion forum. :slight_smile: I think it’s a solid suggestion.

I like the idea of trade routes. I assume it would have to be set up in the same way as the scout mode is now, a way to give the bearer a “home” and a “secondary” home or something. Having actual pathing would be cool, but that would take so many development resources (since there isn’t a current system in place), so I don’t honestly expect that to happen.

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maybe a simple mod could be as follows?

  • 1 new building entity (Bearer Trading Post)
  • capture a Bearer thrall
  • put it into the Bearer Trading Post
  • 1st new recipe, taking some food and drink items = Bearer Food Pack
  • 2nd new recipe. Bearer Food Pack + 1h game time = get some silver coins

:slight_smile: maybe this way, each Bearer Thrall we get, helps us get a little bit of extra coin, at the cost of a traveling food pack for them to eat on their journey. (without any pathing needed)

(cross my palm with silver) :slight_smile:
(or if the user, psalm sees it, cross my psalm with silver) :smiley:


The idea is interesting. But will not be in demand on pvp servers, believe me.
I have a slightly different suggestion.

  1. What if you make an increase in vault inventory, if you place a porter there?
    Logic: the porter has the experience of transferring a large number of things. He should be able to carefully pack everything.

Thus, to increase the inventory of the safe when a porter is placed in it, as an employee.
Numbers from the head: t1 - 320, t2 - 345, t3 - 375, t4 - 410.

That would be great and would make safes more useful. With the latest update, they have become little effective. And such an option would have smoothed the dissatisfaction of some :slight_smile:

  1. It is also possible to make the function invisible trade.

When a cook in a new slave feeding boiler can make bags with food. And in the new facility (trading station), the porter will sell for a small amount of coins or other resources (depending on the terrain). Time to sell, depending on the distance to the settlements from the station.

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There’s a number of things you could do to bearer thralls to make them relevant, ranging from the very ambitious stuff like in the OP, to the easy (if boring) stuff like (further) increasing the number of slots.

I can’t speak for others, but for me personally, even with the increased slots from the latest patch, bringing a Thrall with me is not worth the hassle, not even close. I have to constantly babysit them so they don’t kill themselves, avoid elevators etc.

I mean I’m free not to use them (and I don’t) so it’s no big deal, it just seems a bit wasteful to have a whole class of thralls whose only function is providing a backpack.

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Ya I don’t really care to have a human follower to begin with, and I can’t honestly answer that question why that is cause I don’t really know. But pets? Oh man, so excited.

im too low to unlock any Vaults yet, but ran out of room using about 9 wooden chests, and had to make 2 of the larger ones (next level up from wooden box).

sorry i didnt realise about pvp (i saw pve above and thought about the pve aspect) since thats what i play so far, but sure i dont mind if bearers can increase more slots, and /or give the player a chance to get a spare silver coin from time to time, also selling food (making food pack and selling/trading before it spoils) :slight_smile:

most of my boxes are full of Dyes, Shields, and Arms and Legs lol :smiley:
but i have a list of suggestions for those…

Dyes (see some cool ideas about dyes from another user, and me with Dye Potions)

Shields (recipe ideas)

and Arms & Legs (i need to make a new suggestion thread lol) :slight_smile:

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