Small new MOD request (few recipes to dismantle something into resources)

Hi i had a small request for a new MOD, and if someone is able to make it, it will be really cool. (or in case it already exists please let me know too.)

In the game, ive found things like Bone Shields, and other Dafari items that seem to just be decorations like a Bone Wind Chine, or a hideskin musical Drum. (they are still cool but my idea was this)

could we have new recipes, that allow us to:

a) grind a Bone Shield, into some BoneMeal (for use with composting etc)
b) use any Thrall Armourer (to convert a Bone Shield into some Bones, such as 15 Bones + 10 Wood + 1 Twine)
(technically, if B is done, A doesnt need to be done), but i guess it will add variery :slight_smile:
(maybe there is a way to code it in, so that anything having less durability, just gives less than that)

c) to use the Artisan Table, to convert a Dafari Bone WindChime, into some Bones + Branches, such as 10-15 Bone, + 10-15 Branches.
(it doesnt matter it if needs 60 seconds to disassemble, since it will be like someone trying to dismantle it into usable parts again.)

d) to use the Artisan table (to convert a musical Dafari Drum, into 3 Hide + 20 Wood + 10 Bone + 3 Twine)
(i find about 2 of these, every 5 Character Levels, and have about 8 sitting in a box. i might place 1 down but with a low-spec computer i cant place too many things or game goes slow and it would be good to be able to get at least some of the resources that those items are made of in some way)

making the drum does already give experience, so i picked values for taking it apart, so that we get less then what is needed to make it, so it wont be that beneficial to try taking it apart and remaking it. plus if it takes 60 seconds to take it apart, it should help)

e) to use the Artisan table (to convert a Dafari Banner, into 25 Silk + 15 Branches)
(this is slightly less than what it costs to make it, and since making it gives 0 experience, it should be ok to let a player uncraft it if they need resources again, since it wont be a cheat for experience)

f) to use a Candle (black / white / or stub) in a Firebowl Cauldron, to get back 2 Ichor :slight_smile:

These were the ideas i had, and maybe some already exist, but if you are able to make them it will be cool for all i think :slight_smile:

by the way, i already installed a Glass mod (linked below), which looks like it has something like a Recycling Building for weapons, but im not high enough in level to try it yet, and not sure if it will do any of the above though.

have also got Strays back to the fire mod, which gives about 1/4 of any iron back as an iron bar, so about 20 IronHead Arrows gives some iron back.


The recycler from the glass mod works great, however I only tested weapons and armor so far.

oh ok cool, thanks scopique for feedback so far :slight_smile:
im about level 44 lol so more to go (need to make and drink a yellow lotus potion to reset my stats and feats, to learn more cool feats) :slight_smile: