Add the "Stone Skinning Knife & Cleaver" to the Stone Tools Feat

I noticed that Exiles and Dafari have been dropping stone skinning knives and cleavers, they’ve also been appearing in chests related to the factions, Since these items are basically in the game, and it saves on some much needed grinding up to iron, why not just add these to stone tools so we can repair the ones we find, or craft them ourselves, I know the stone skinning knife counts for the “Skin an Animal with a Skinning Knife Journey” and it would save people either new to the game, or who are starting over from scratch some much needed time, it would also free up some load order space since my server wouldn’t need the mod that adds in the “Apprentice Butcher Feat”, alternately you could just add the feat that mod does into the game, but it seem like a waste of knowledge points, considering we wont use them except in early game or if we are starting over from scratch.


Might as well ask for the black hand tents too, if they have utility and decorative drops in game, you should be able to craft them.


I honestly feel like any structure or item that NPC’s can craft, should in some manner be craftable by player characters. It’s a bit infuriating when NPC’s have access to technology that we don’t. I mean, honestly, we’re playing as the same races as the NPC exiles, so there’s no sense to it.


#bemorepirate XD

I agree, they should add it to the Black Hand Recipes, or the tent feat.

Its more cosmetic than high power weapon or armor. Have to farm a ton of black hand pirates in order to get the large tent by chance

I have even seen a number of decorations at enemy camps, which Im sure players would love to learn recipes for and have at their own bases. For example, impaled/crucified skeletons found in the deep desert where the player starts, skull tree decorations at dafari camps, butchers meat racks at black hand camps, straw practice dummies in highlands camps, blacksmiths anvils. There are dozens of background furnishings which Im sure many players would love to have access to, but current can not. Like yourself, I feel that the player should also have access to these npc decorations, even if we have to find the recipes for them.


Its Toss up…

On one Hand RNG Loot farming, or instant win by finding the spot to learn it.

I kinda prefer the loot drop on some of items.

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