Please put back in apprentice butcher, and stone skinning dagger

Have been trying to pin down why my game play experience on PS4 has felt broke as Hell. I couldn’t figure out how the game designer expected me to get very far, to the point of gathering iron, with such brutally small supplies of iron in relation to also hides to leather to be better geared and defended.

Well, looks like a stepping stone for this progression was removed. Stone Tools, to Apprentice Butcher, to Stone Skinning Dagger no longer exist. The Stone Skinning Dagger item still exist, but ability to get the skill and recipe to craft one is gone. This creates a huge brick wall for progressing. With no decent way to turn hide to leather, to armor, the gathering of iron to hop to making an iron skinning dagger is painful and frustratingly difficult.

Please, put this skill, and recipe, back in the knowledge progression path.

Also, why does the Stone Throwing Axe require the blacks smith’s bench? I’m going to collect 100 iron bars, to make a stone weapon with it? This item should be hand craftable, like the stone spears.

There should be a stone skinning knife, there should be an earlier sickle too. All tools at all levels, Where is the Acheronian hatchet for wood? We have the pick and sickle, did someone drop the ball on that? I don’t think there is an iron sickle either. Consistency!

Side Note: some of the craft-able dishes, bowls, and other place-ables don’t have the right materials. I should not be able to make ceramic or iron dishes out of wood. I’m just saying…

Need to revisit the weights on all things too! A pile of arrows weighs the same as 100 stone. We should be able to get bigger stacks of somethings we shoot a lot too. Arrows = 1000 just forgot a 0 is all. Now the weight is probably right.

Right now 100 wood = 100 stone = 100 ironstone = 100 arrows ??? Been a grip of mine since day one. Need an amount of slots indicator for or inventory and other containers, mainly the inventory because I keep on harvesting to the ground apparently. At least a message you are full like you get if taking from a container for the harvesting.:thinking: