Two part: Cannot find Stone Dagger. Cannot find unlocked feats

Here’s my dilemma.

  1. One of the Journey steps asks me to use a skinning dagger to skin an animal except I don’t see a stone skinning dagger in my Crafting invetory. Is this a bug?

  2. I’ve unlocked a couples feats do not appear in my crafting inventory. Journeyman Butcher and Iron Tools (although it’s strange that I see Silk).

I don’t know how to proceed forward. Has anyone seen this before?

There is no stone skinning dagger. The first is made of iron.

I don’t have the iron skinning dagger in my crafting inventory. I’ve unlocked both the Iron Tools and Journeyman Butcher, which has the Iron Skinning Knife.

Side note. I have the Bedshapper feat unlocked, but all I see in my Crafting Inventory is beds. I don’t see the pillows.

This game is confusing. I have the required Feats unlocked but they’re not appearing.

And in case you’re wonder, yes, I have ALL the crafting categories selected.

Cushions are made at an artisans workshop station … have you checked that you can / can not see the option to make them there.

Often when you select a feat and look at the items it allows you to craft it will indicate if it’s crafted by interacting with a workshop crafting station or you can make independent of them.

Thanks, friend! That actually helped a lot. I had the Furnace. Thought that was enough. Iron Dagger states I need a Blacksmith Bench. :slight_smile:

And to make it you will need to be interacting with the blacksmith station and have the recipe materials in the stations inventory not your personal inventory.

Yup. Got that from the Armor Bench.

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