Skinning knife Chapter III - confused

Hi guys.
In the Journey Chapter 3 we are supposed to “Use a skinning knife to skin an animal”
I cant figure out how to craft a skinning knife that isn’t an iron tool.

Since there is a journey step in chapter 4 saying “craft an iron tool” it make sense there is another skinning knife for me to use in chapter 3.

Anyone know how I’m supposed to skinn the animal in chapter 3 without starting chapter 4?

I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten the journey steps in order “by chapter”. Don’t sweat it - the game has MANY more important things to worry about. :slight_smile:

You can’t, at least not without using the admin panel or a mod.

See back when the skinning knives and cleavers were first added to the game there were also stone tier versions, but for whatever reason Funcom decided to take them out in a later update. The skinning journey step being where it is is probably a relic from that.

The tools are still in the game though, so if you have access to the admin controls you can spawn them in, or if you’re cool with mods there are a few that make the feat learnable again.

I think correcting errors in games is cool :slight_smile:

But thanks for telling me. Now I can stop looking for a skinning knife that’s not there.

We’re working on some videos including the journey. I hope you understand details like this are of my interest.

Since one of the many hats I wear at work is Tech Writer, I understand completely. :sunglasses:

Just wait until you get the relevant knowledge and then use the iron skinning knife. You will find that you will have difficulty completing all of the Journey Steps chronologically. And chances are that you will complete ones outside of your current chapter by accident sooner or later anyway. Furthermore, there are at least four Journey Steps which are currently bugged from Chapter 8 onwards. So you will eventually have to break order to complete them past that point. If you would like to know what the bugged ones are now or for rerefence later, you can find them listed on my ‘Journey Steps Bugged’ thread in the PS4 menu. Good luck.

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