Getting skins on Xbox

How do I skin animals? Before the patch I just used a dagger to skin animals, but it looks like daggers are used for only combat now. I tried using my woodcutter’s axe but all I get is savory flesh and bones.

This is on the Xbox version.

At iron you can craft the Skinning knife

Is there anyway that I can skin animals before getting to iron technology?

Maybe use a pick? Not sure honestly, since iron is extremely easy I’ve never thought about it since the update

There is a stone skinning knife in the game, but currently no way to craft it. You need to admin spawn it.
Because of the randomness of hide harvesting it takes between 40-60 kills with axe/pick (with 3 times harvesting) but only 5 or 6 with the stone skinning knife.
I started a game with a few friends recently and we wasted over an hour trying get hides before the discovering it.
I’m not sure if its been left out of the game on purpose or if its an over site but its seems like its meant to replace the stone daggers harvesting capabilities.

That’s really informative! Ok, i’m just gonna admin spawn that stupid stone dagger. Thanks! :slight_smile:

One more question, how is everyone getting bones? I spawned a stone skinning knife and I’m getting skins, but the knife gives me skins and the axe gives me flesh. But almost no bones.

Normal hatchet should work for bone. If u need the bone for bonemeal I’d suggest just using chitin in a grindstone


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