[Xbox One]Basics help: campfires, skinning, etc

I’m having troubles with some of the basics:

  1. How do I use a campfire? I follow the instructions, adding wood, meat… and then I can’t select the “go” button. The cursor will not move to that option. I have a similar problem with crafting tables, the furnace, etc. What do I need to do to make these work?

  2. The game tells me to use a “skinning knife” on animals to collect hide. How do I make a skinning knife? I don’t see that in the options of things I can craft. Or is there another way to skin animals?

  3. Thralls. What the heck is a thrall and how would I get one? I found the option to make a rope to haul people around. Do I have to go out and capture people and make them work for me? Is it possible to make campfires and furnaces and stuff work without capturing thralls? Can I play the game without being a slaver?

  1. Once everything is loaded you have to pull left trigger to start it. The play button at the top is bugged. If you look at the bottom somewhere it says pull left trigger too.

  2. Skinning knife cant be made until you unlock iron tools, when you do you have to make the knife in a blacksmith bench.

  3. Thralls, yes you have to knock them out (truncheon and other means) drag them back to a wheel of pain and have gruel on the wheel while they are being broken. You must pull left trigger again when gruel is on there to start it. Gruel is made by cook seeds and fiber in campfire so forth so on.

Highly useful! Thank you.

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