More stone options

This might be treading on the toes of some other posts but, what I would like to see is the option to change the stone in my walls.

We have yellow sandstone in most of the desert, we have white stone in the brimstone pools, we have black stone around the various ruins, we have rusty red and black stone in some of the mountains, we have grey stone in the hinterlands.

So why is all the stone we build with yellow?

give us a mason’s bench for those of us that really want to spend time building and let us build our walls from that but we can choose to have our walls built to look like we are using local stone even if it just all shows up as “stone” in our inventory.

Use the same recipes you have from regular construction or take some of the recipes out and put them on the bench so it is not so cluttered in our inventory build window. Give us the option to put an Artisan Thrall or even a new Mason Thrall on it and give it a big inventory and let us build that way so that we can queue our base building rather then have it use up our personal crafting queue.

This way if you want to build you only have t1 recipes hogging up space, and you can add wood t1 without it getting lost in the mess.


This would be a very nice addition to the crafting system, especially in the personal crafting menu clutter department… Great idea :slight_smile: plus, I don’t mind having an extra crafting station either


And don´t forget the extra weight :D.

This is an nice Idea, more working benches are fine :slight_smile:

And an option for painting would be nice… i think i´ve heard about dying building parts in a live stream but…maybe it was just an idea :frowning:

They was talking about that on a pod befor, vas more about be able to paint the walls but its simular. And it was hard to implent. somthing like it was esier to shange the collor on the hole house then just 1 block.