Melt down trash


Allow us to melt down things like Candles, Iron Bowls and other Iron items. Melt down weapons even if it’s just a minor raw material boosted by thrall level. This would be a major improvement in the game for players like me. Farming thralls is great, but something in the survivalist in me says we shouldn’t just be trowing these items away. I know some can be reused, but in a game like this EVERYTHING should be reusable.

I know this can be done with mods, but once you open the door to mods it’s a matter of time until you are like ARK with 55 mods loading.


Oh, you know you want to mod your game. Yes, fall to temptation. Join uuuuuusssssss.


yes more recycling, spec when we can put alot off stuff in the press so whay not go longer…

Can’t mod the console version


I know, but MadNomad commented about modding and not wanting to because it falls into the “trap of wanting to add more and more.” So that was my reference. Not that it helps any, but if I could get my workshop mods over to console land I would!

I wish you could as well

I’m ALL in on this one OP. This should be a base game mechanic.

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I agree for a recycling possibility. Not only for small objects, like candles, but also for weapons and armors.

I mean, what more normal, and simply what each would do in rl world to. You got an old armor, or a broken weapon. Or simply you got some nice thrall, and are able now to make better armors/weapons, so why not use part of the old one to make a new one ?

When we distroy buildings elements, we get some materials back, not much, but still.
Armor, weapons, and why not smaller deco items would be great, and more immersive with a recycling possibility.

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Thanks for the suggestion! We already allow recycling of placeables and building pieces (hold down E when looking at it, select “Dismantle”) wherein you get 50% of the resources back.

I will add the ability to “melt” down items like swords, armor, and other things that aren’t dismantleable placeables.


:v: Oops, looks like the Dismantle control wasn’t added to the wiki yet.
Now it’s added to :orange_book: Controls on the Official Conan Exiles Wiki it just needs the console controls.

Jen Thank you, it doesn’t have to be much at all, just something like grinding it down to powder and remaking bars, even if 1 sword/tool only gave one bar steel to steel or harden to harden it would give us something to do with all this ‘trash’ loot.

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At least half the material we get back.