Why a dismantling bench?

I understand and agree with the desire to break down items into their ingredients. What I don’t get is, why do we need a whole new workbench to do that?

Would it not be simpler and more efficient to incorporate that functionality into the respective benches we already have?

For example, a sword would be dismantled at a blacksmith bench. A shield would be broken down at an armorer bench.

This would also add the ability to scale how many materials you get back, depending on the level of thrall in the bench. A T4 could give you the full amount back, letting you completely remake the item, while a T1 would only give you back a fraction.

Adding in a new bench means I’ll now have to redesign the layout of all my workshops to make space for it, costing me way more materials to break down and remake everything I need to move around.

And having a “recycling machine” doesn’t seem very appropriate to the time period and world we inhabit in this game either.

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Good thing you can now easily pick up and move all your work benches. No need to remake anything.

Time period wise, it’s always been useful to break stuff down to reuse it. You don’t use all the same tools to break something down as you do to put it together.

Let’s be glad that we have access to another form of resource acquisition. Finally a place to put all those extra armor/tools/weapons.

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I hadn’t thought about picking them up. That hasn’t made it’s way to xbox yet.

And I am glad we’re getting a new way to get resources, and something to do with old extra useless items other than hanging them up for decoration.

I just don’t agree with the solution.

No need to redesign your whole base. Just build a little shack just outside the gate, put the bench inside and hang a sign above the door that reads “Mr. Crom’s Discount Salvaged Goods”. For added effect, you can build a pile of random stuff next to it.


Personally I’m glad that they made a new bench dedicated for this purpose. Just like my main use for a vault is NOT to store lots of stuff but to dump my inventory and sort it later, having a dedicated recycling bench means I can dump all the unwanted junk at a single location rather than needing to flit about my base picking and choosing where everything goes.

Inventory management in this game is already onerous enough without forcing us to spend even more time on it.


I agree. There’s a lot that could be done to make inventory management easier. (The prompt asking how much of the stack to move actually seems to make it harder to organize things with a controller for example.)

I’m not sure how creating a single bench to accumulate all the extra items helps tho. You’ll still have to sort through all the base materials it creates eventually, so all you’re really doing is prolonging that, and giving yourself more items to organize.

If your dismantling an iron sword at a blacksmith, at least your new iron bars are already in the bench where they’re probably needed to be useful again.

And ruin the look of my beautiful base that took forever to design and build?

Not a chance! Lol

The bench is very small, I moved a chest and put it in its place. I love the fact that I can now recycle all of the weapons I saved, but will never use.

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But how do you know how beautiful your base is if you don’t have a junk dealer next to it to compare it to? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Emphasis mine: “eventually” is the point. It takes exactly the same amount of time to sort 20 steel bars as it does 100 bars. However, if I accumulate those 100 steel bars by 20 bars at-a-time and sort them right away, then that takes 5x the time and effort of simply waiting and sorting the full stack once. (This is why I mentioned the Vault being useful as a sorting tool, btw. The insane amount of loot falling during the Halloween event taught me not to waste time sorting everything immediately.)

Also, just sticking to steel as an example, that gets used in multiple places: furnace to make hardened steel, armorer’s bench, artisan’s bench (radium torches, vault), blacksmith, carpenter for arrows… So no, throwing all the swords, etc. on the blacksmith’s bench to recover steel wouldn’t save me any time at all. In fact, given that they seem to be the slowest of all crafters, it’s apt to cost a lot of time that could be better spent forging those steel bars into reinforcements.

EDIT: It occurs to me that you and I are playing of different platforms, so maybe that’s why we have a different perception of this. I’ve not played on console, but on PC, the player’s inventory and the Vault both have text search fields. So even if I have 40 stacks of plant fiber backed up in my vault because I’ve been lazy, I can do a search on fiber, hit Take All, then mosey to my plant fiber crate, do a search on my inventory for fiber and then press Give All. This is why I say that vaults are good for sorting and that it’s repetition that costs time rather than the number of stacks that have built up.

Like the bench just fine. Yay more stuff to add to the bases!

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To be honest, I like the design just how it is now. Although Im pretty sure that doesnt have anything to do with it being a concept I suggested. :wink:

This way is actually easier. With the way you were suggesting, you would have to put the weapons/tools in the blacksmiths bench, then the furniture/ornaments in the artisans bench, the armour in the armourers bench, and so on. This way you just drop it all in one bench (the salvage tab…I mean dismantling bench) then it will just ‘dismantle all’.

Its more convenient to just drop it all off and pick it all up from the one station.


Once we can breakdown DLC building pieces I will be happy.

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Why … because of how they have coded the dismantling process … the game can not distinguish between an item you want to keep and an item you want to dismantle
… remember the “bug” where silver/gold bars would be converted to coins in a furnace and then back to bars again when enough coins were smelted ? (Finally fixed by moving coin making to blacksmith benches and not in furnaces.)

Well they’ve coded the dismantling function so that you put item in dismantling bench and it automatically starts the dismantling process without any further action from us.
This type of coding for dismantling on blacksmith, Carpenter, armor, artisan…etc would not work as you would be in a cycle of create/destroy.
If dismantling required a player action to activate then that’s a lot more coding.

As others have said I would find it annoying to have to sort the items I want to dismantle into several separate benches … have to ensure I selected the items and pressed “dismantle” and then regather all the materials from different places to use.
Also not every base will have all the benches … so if someone has an outpost where they do not have artisan and armour smith benches they would not be able to break down those items in those locations … but the universal dismantling bench does allow it.


It is a shortcut. why to re-balance all weapons and give them proper stats when you make a station
Over 80% of all weapons and armor are not use, there is no point of them, and now with the legendary weapon drop no one will craft sword. Why shod you doit ?
They add more weapons instead of giving old ones abilities is much easy this way :slight_smile: and in the same time is new content. Is ether laziness or ignorance.

I placed a dismantling bench next to my “sorting vault”.
Quality of Life +1.

I don’t want 5 crafting benches of several types around the sorting vault as well. Thx.

In Vienna, unlike the rest of Austria, we don’t sort our garbage by type, we just toss it all into a heap and burn it with several filters in the exhaust to make energy… I enjoy this privilege too much.

I hate sorting. Recycling should be an automated process, not a chore.

The dismantling bench is an innovation from the future.


Coming at this from a lore perspective, I can see people remove the metal from armours/weapons and smelting it down to use for other things. Re-purposing materials from tools had to have existed back then, just isn’t depicted on popular media.

But if you asked me, and this is unnecessary change and I can foresee people having issues with this, but I think the dismantling bench should only work when you have a thrall attached to it. Any station thrall will do. This would be the person doing the dismantling. Maybe players can also manually dismantle, but you have to be at the station physically. Because honestly who is dismantling the thing if nobody is there.

EDIT: Like what Larathiel said, it would also make sense for the station thrall to affect how fast its uncrafted or how much materials you get back. Maybe the class of the thrall affects how speeds differently, just like how you can put different types of thralls on the cooking/alchemy/fermenting/artisan stations and the type of the thrall affects different things.

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I’m fine with how it is now, but I’d also be amenable with needing to slot a thrall into the dismantling bench. Perhaps doing so would affect its speed and/or the percentage of materials recovered.

Totally agree, a thrall would be cool. I love the dismantling table. When I get back to my base from killing copious amounts of enemies, I shove all the crap into the dismantling station an walk away. Whenever I need some small amount of resources I know there is some in that table.

I guess everyone plays differently. I am always looking for excuses to extend my castle and add more to it…heh. I also like have several bases and adding to those.

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Valid points all around everyone. I understand the decision to do it this way a little more now. Although the fact many players seem to need to craft a giant vault as a crutch to help with sorting sounds like another problem all together.


Yeah it’s a little different on consoles. There’s no search field for one thing. You can reorganize your inventory to sort by name or weight with a button press, but that’s it.

We have 3 buttons to move things around…
One takes EVERYTHING in the container (Y button on xbox)
One takes or moves the entire stack into/from your inventory (right trigger)

The 3rd (A button) let’s you pick up the stack and choose specifically where you want to put it. In the last couple patches, they finally put in the prompt asking you how much of the stack to move with this 3rd button.

However it’s currently bugged. When you use it the cursor automatically defaults back to the 1st item in your inventory in the upper right corner. Every time. So after you move something, you have to scroll back down to the item in question. Combined with the extra button press to confirm the amount, and adjusting the slider for the amount, it now takes twice as long to move things around and keep them organized.

Definitely improvements to be made in this regard.

The same could be said for the other workstations too when we’re making things like shaped wood, reinforced iron, and leather.