Dismantle Bench - Please stop crippling it's usefulness

With the big update patch 3 days ago, we could dismantle arrows and I was so happy, but now arrows just sit there again, looking sad in my bench.

seriously, this can’t be game breaking. Just let us dismantle crafted stuff and don’t worry if it manages to give a little more than what you started with. It isn’t that big of a deal. It wastes more time to craft dismantle and recraft to generate materials that just harvesting the materials normally.


I am also disappointed with the numerous nerfs to the recycling bench. I liked it when we could throw anything into it just to see what comes out. Now, I have a trunk full of weapons, armor, and some odd items that cannot be used, recycled, or sold.


Fully agree, it’s mostly less time consuming farm the mats, than pull stuff in the bench.
It’s often more a clean-up for unused stuff you get far enough in camps, chests and npc’s.

Ever it should be possible to balance it in a bit realistic way. Original mats less x % and go. Maybe some mats shouldn’t be given back while dismantling.
But yes, bit all should dismantled, with some exception like consumable like food, potions and such of course.


I have to agree, too. While I do not want the Dismantling Bench to become an exploit for making items, being able to dismantle existing ‘worthless’ items is definitely desired. Stacks of weapons and armor (including arrows) should be able to be dismantled. Please re-consider the previous nerfs to the Dismantling Bench.


Some of the previous nerfs should remain, like dismantling dead bodies & the gold/silver exploit. THings like turning oil into fish and all that strangeness.

Personally, I think it will be funny to see how much time people waste trying to craft > dismantle > craft etc, to gain a couple extra mats. I suppose running a few tests to see how much of a time exploit something is would be worth while.

I know I have suggested this in the past, but for small things like arrows, that only use a fraction of a unit to craft, there could easily be a requirement that it only dismantles stacks of 10. Look at smelting ore or making bricks. Pretty much the same type of code. Copy/paste. Exploit solved.

I’d also like to see the dismantler thrall, that increases the results, up to a 100% return of the items used to craft it, depending on T rank of the thrall.



Totally agree, and I have nothing to add. You said it all and your solution for arrows is great.

I completely agree. There were a few things which totally broke the game - getting fragments of power for blunted javelins, for example - but on the whole, it’s nearly an afterthought for me when I have spare encumbrance as opposed to a useful thing. For 100 steel bars!

I don’t know why they don’t have arrows stack to 10, 20, whatever, and THEN process. I feel as if there are other “queue” items like this which should behave similarly, like plant in the grinder, crystals in the furnace - so the procedure to call should already be written.

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i agree, but the quickest way until the can code in any changes is remove them. Dupers always ruin some mechanic. but as an admin, knowing of the dupes really upset me. Lets just say i now have to monitor time vs T3 building size. Something like this should have been tested internally with every item, and a simple spreadsheet would have confirmed all of the duping possibilities. Then change requirements for amount needed before dismantle.

And you should never get back the exact amount. You should get back only the amount a T4 would make. This removes any chance of gaining extra mats, but still redo if you screw up (epic v flawless armor, i am looking at you :slight_smile: ). If you didn’t use a T4 to craft, then that sucks, but dismantle should be for the extra loot you grabbed, not for screw ups when crafting something. That is just a cherry on top if you do have t4 thrall crafters.

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Sure, only items that make sens should be dismantled in the bench.
But if people want lose time putting useless stuff in it, why not ?

The stack idea is by long the best for the arrows, could also be applied for tiny items to make more sens and worth it.

If an item requires more than 1 of a certain material, a certain percentage should be given back. If the recipe only takes 1 of that items, 0 should be returned. Religious materials should never be returned.

I got 26000 steel reinforcements being cooked today, thank you arrows


Its been 3 days since i saw this topic and started dismantling arrows made 15 dismantling bench and 5 carpenter bench i have now 5 vaults of starmetal full 4 obsidian vault 4 hardened steel vault and 8 steel vault full on pve official server i have purge carpenter that made branch easier to obtain, this game is so broken right now they should have release a hotfix for this issue if they still wait till the test are done on testlive i suggest make a server wipe to all official server ( xD jk) but seriously this is a major problem i don’t have to farm this material anymore

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I thought that was part of the intent is at endgame should be less having to farm or wait hours for mats to complete on workbenches. I may be wrong but thats the direction it seemed to be going being able to break down items you previously collected reduce the junk and get mats from it. I do notice some things should be adjusted but not eliminated.

How does one get star metal and obsidian without farming?

By breaking down weapons off of npcs in volcano they carry obsidian weapons and tools. Starmetal can be gotten from some legendary weapons and shields from chest ones that drop in unnamed cannot be broken down. Also some npcs in mounds when broken have starmetal weapons.

So they are farming, just not farming the metals directly.
I think it is great that I can get star metal without standing in wait for a fall and hoping to discover the nodes before they disappear. Star metal does not fall easily in Solo/Co-op mode.

For a player to gain this much in only three days having to farm legendary items and level 60 NPCs, it seems something other is broken besides the recycle bench. (although it was suggested that the items were gained from dismantling arrows…which have to be found or made first)

Arrows should be able to be dismantled but for stack of ten instead if every single unit. On the other side, there are plenty of items which cannot be dismantled by now for no reason like certain armors and kits. The dismantle bench is not supposed to be a resource mine but a tool to get some mats back from the junk you get during your daily rude through the exiled lands. Since it works by itself it is a nice quality of live improvement but using it shouldn’t be anything game deciding.


They should simply be dismantled only by stacks, like theyr made.
And give back only a percentage of the original crafting cost.

If a stack of 10 arrows of a given style cost 6 feathers (example feathers) give back only 2-3.

Also items like shards are magical, so shouldn’t be given back. Some other stuff may simply get broken by dismantling it.
But a percentage should work if set low enough. Not nothing, so it’s not worth the work, but less than it costs crafting the stuff.