Dismantling Bench Bug?

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: PvE
Region: US East

Can no longer dismantle arrows or armor in my dismantling bench that I could before since last hotfix.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Put a “Legendary” or named armor in the bench, will not dismantle.
  2. Put arrows of any kind in the bench, will not dismantle.

Some of the old legendary weapons will dismantle there are a couple which wont none of the new content drops from unnamed will dismantle nor will the dlcs items.

The armor and arrows I was trying to dismantle were vanilla and non-dlc. I had dismantled them before, even. Ironhead arrows, flinthead arrows, serpentman arrows, hyena armor, etc.

Arrows were taken off the list of recyclables as well as hides skins and other things that were never intended to be recycled they did it on test first then moved it to live.

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That’s dumb…Flinthead arrows and things are perfect for dismantling. It’s even lore-friendly as it would actually be an easily dismantled item…And the patch notes don’t mention arrows at all.

All arrows were removed to prevent abuse especially steel arrows was giving endless supply of steel since off higher lvl npcs was a very common drop.

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It’s not endless supply, lol. It’s barely enough to make it even worth while. I was dismantling all my arrow drops and got one steel/iron per arrow. Even if I got 50 arrows per New Asgarth run (which was rare in and of itself) 50 steel is hardly even enough to repair most things. I highly doubt it was tipping the scales that much.

I was getting considerably more on testlive as were others enough that ones playing there were conserned and reported it.

I didn’t get near that much on the actual live servers. It was one iron or steel per arrow. Obviously testlive was bugged.

The issues was you can get 5 steel arrows from 1 bar then take those 5 arrows and get 5 steel bars you can see where im going with that and it was sae returns with the other arrows which can lead to abuse.

Not an endless supply?

Get 1 steel arrow, recycle it into 1 bar, 1 feather. Use those plus branches to make a single stack of 10 steel arrows (assuming a T4 carpenter), put those in the recycler, now you have 10 steel bar, next time 100, then 1000…

This also worked for Composite Obsidian, Hardened Steel, Starmetal…

I know clans who filled multiple vaults simply by way of using the recycling bench to do this. Literally the only limiting factor was branches which are insanely easy to farm with high-level tools.

So yes, it was literally an endless supply, and this on live Official servers no less!


Then all they need to do is make it take 1 bar per arrow instead of one bar per 10, which I thought it was already…Not entirely remove a REALISTIC ability to dismantle them. Besides, not all of us play on PvP, so not all of us are exploiting things like this.

Yes well, that would be logical, and many have made the case for it to require 10 arrows in the recycler to yield a single bar. However, that’s not the route they took, so here we are.

Also I don’t play on PvP either. Folks were doing this on PvE because we all like to build grand structures and steel/steel reinforcements are so annoying to make.

Then I feel we, as a community, need to implore the devs to think again. It’s happened before and can happen now. I love this game to death, but if they start going this route of just removing or nerfing stuff, they will fall into the same trap so many other games have, and I don’t want that to happen.

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What has not been mentioned here before, and I certainly kept my mouth shut, was the exploit was not limited to steel, as @Larathiel mentioned.

Before it was fixed, it also applied to starmetal arrows, thus, one arrow would provide an endless supply of star metal ingots. The same with iron. I did not test other arrows, but privately reported this to the exploit hunters.

You lose very little by the removal of arrows from dismantling. Iron node > iron ingot > steel ingot > steel arrows is a very simple process which can easily be run overnight while asleep. Since you are online private, let the thralls do the work :slight_smile:

I do not see this as a pandemic outbreak of nerfing, but a good thing for the game on an individual exploit.

As to other items not dismantling, the devs are aware of the issue and will fix it subject to prioritization.




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