Suggestion - Dismantling Bench

The dismantling bench in its current state is a great fun but not really something for a serious game.
They are so many ways to get infinite materials and to dismantle something to a higer grade of item (example: get compost from plant fiber)
So I have some suggestions for the dismantling bench.

  1. The formular way
    You give just 25% (rounded down) of the crafting materials back.
    Its sounds like an easy way, but you need to define what are the raw materials was when the item will be dismantled. As example you can get compost on 3 different ways. With plant fiber, bonemeal and purid meat, with plant fiber and dung or with Hand full insects and Sliver of the Unfulfilled.
    Additional you need to double check every item to avoid running into the posibility to create a infinite-loop method.
  1. The table/list way
    You define a list with the items and what materials the items gives when it will be dismantled. So you have full control over it and you can prevent infinite loops and other exploits.
  1. The scrapheap way
    The items don’t gives the raw materials but stacks of scrap.
    I think about piles of scrap metal for metal based items, leather straps for items based on leather and plant fiber for the fabric based items.
    The metal scrap can be melted to ironbars (maybe 10 scrap for one bar).
    Leather straps can stick together to leather at the armorer (10 for one?)
    And you get the option to use the items for additional crafting or fixing stuff.

Additional: I think there is no need to dismantle raw materials like honey, ironbars, dry wood, and cooked/brewed items and the most items from alchemist like poitions, dye and orbs. Make it impossible to dismantle this materials/items and let us just dismantle armors, weapons/tools and buildingpieces.

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love #3. And agreed. should only be able to dismantle armor/weapons/building mats/decorations. and i would even love to see a random % of that mat, to remove as much of a chance to exploit. Maybe the bench has a durability, and the more it is used, the lower the % on scrap unless repaired to max.

And basically everything should reduce back to its most natural state…brimstone, iron ore, stone, wood, dry wood, bark, plant fibers, coal, and crystal. And leather and thick leather the exception for rawhide.

Remember, any returns is more than we have now. Over time, numbers can be tweaked higher. But for PVP officials sake, don’t give away the farm and unbalance the eraned power for official PVP servers like Halloween day 1 did.

That is except for dismantling standing items (building materials, crafting benches, and placeables) directly. Think that typically gives anywhere from 30-50% back.

I think the whole point was in order to give the full refund of what was put in. That said, I definitely agree that you shouldn’t be getting an upgrade to the item you put in. I mean, getting putrid meat in if you put food in is one thing, but if you’re getting things like compost for plant fiber… yeah, that makes it a little too easy unless we’re talking decent sized stacks of plant fiber for 1 compost as a trade off. Given how easy it is to get plant fiber once you get a sickle, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to getting 1 compost for larger numbers like 100 plant fiber put in.

So while I’m not entirely sure I agree with the % or returning it 100% to base items (as it’s not really physically possible to return a steel bar into iron ore without some serious magic, but melting down metal fittings into an iron bar is totally feasible.) I do think that it’s something that’s going to require some very careful observation in order to prevent those infinite loops…

which does bring me to an interesting question… How is the return amount determined? Like is it adjusted for the reduced requirements provided by tier 4 thralls?

The desmantling bench is already magic. it is literally shredding something. I just really don’t want a farming tool. The idea is to get some use out of the “junk” we loot. This should not be a farming method, so reducing it to bare bones with a low % rate makes it a bonus, and not a core game play mechanic. Again, start low , then go higher if/as necessary. By going low, it also reduces the risk of exploiting. Once they have a lock down on its usage and understand the impact to game play on all types of servers, it can slowly have higher tier mats and the such added.

If they go high with the returns and miss, people will abuse it, stuff their vaults on PVP and the damage can’t be undone.

Point out where I’m disagreeing that it shouldn’t be a farming tool? :stuck_out_tongue: And believe it or not, it doesn’t really take -Any- magic to ‘dismantle’ granted I haven’t seen what all comes out of it, but if you don’t think you can disassemble armor to get it’s base components that you can then use again later, or a sword, or a building… Now granted, you’re right, it’ll never be 100%… but with the exception of certain cases like plasters and what not, and accounting for the slag that’ll develop when you try to rework the metals, you’re gonna get pretty close.

But that itself is at best an XP farm in the sense that you could take the base materials and run them back through the process of making an item, returning it to base, and repeat. You’ll notice I agreed about the overhead on items, where in you’re getting MORE out than you put in, certainly. That shouldn’t be the case at all. But 20-25% of what you put in? What’s the point? I’d get far more use out of the item using it until it breaks and throwing it away xD. Now, 70-90%… might be able to slide on. That way you’re still losing out… but you’re still getting a decent value back.

Now there’s an argument to be had for ‘what about loot you pick up’ but my thoughts on that are that anything that you got through the effort of fighting something (or finding it in a chest) picking up, and bringing back to your base… eeeeh well I think you deserve those materials if you want them. Granted me I’m more the type to mount them in my armory, lol.

I was always thinking of this as something you would use on loot from NPC’s and raids that you didn’t really want. when i (or my clan mates) craft armor/weapon, we usually repair it as needed. Since it is the armor/weapon we use the most. Why have repair kits, if i can get back armor parts and weapon parts when it is almost going to break. I was thinking this was for the “trash” one gets through out game. It already looks like people are wanting to use this to not farm for their stuff, which starts to remove the survival aspect more and more. Maybe a solution is tied to durability left. That way if i use a weapon down to the last few strikes, i can’t magically get all the parts back at a cheaper cost than repairing it. Balancing that is the trick. For building mats, the return should be what ever one would get if they dismantle normally.

That I could wholeheartedly agree with.

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100% durability would equal what it would cost for a T4 to craft it. Then just divide down from there. this would also alleviate when you make the wrong armor in the normal armors bench for rolling epic flawless, not paying attention to he recipe menu. That would benefit me greatly :slight_smile:

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