QoL suggestion - Crafting Benches auto item placment

I am not sure when this started to happen, but it is currently a bit annoying in its current state.

For Crafting Benches, it used to be the case that when you placed the appropriate type of
Thrall in the Bench, it would automatically go into the Thrall slot for that bench.
Currently, when you place the Thrall in the bench it goes into the Inventory of the Bench, and not the Thrall slot, requiring the Player to manually place the Thrall in the Thrall slot.

There is a similar issue with the Dismantling Benches.
In the past, when you placed items that could be broken down into the Dismantling Bench, it would automatically go into the active dismantling slot, and started to break down immediately.
Now, when you place an item in the Dismantling Bench, it goes into the standard Inventory, and needs to be manually moved into the dismantling slots.

I am not sure if these changes were made to circumvent certain exploits, or if it is a programming oversight.
Either way, the current status is a bit wonky, and annoying.

Thanks for reading.


I noticed that a couple patches ago. Can’t recall when. That said I’m in favour of that mechanic when it comes to the dismantling bench. It’s a failsafe imo so as not to move the wrong item over because it goes quickly to stop it.
However the other benches I’m not sure.
Maybe it was an all or nothing feature.
It’s a slight pain for the other benches but I’ll take it if it tied to the dismantling bench save feature.
Or it’s a bug and it will get reverted lol (shrug)

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Full agreed

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