Dismantling Bench misplaces items when moving them from player inventory

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 6101
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Dismantling Bench misplaces items when moving them from player inventory

Bug Reproduction:

Try double clicking on items in your inventory and you will see that it will place the items into the inventory of the dismantling bench and not into the dismantling section, which forces you to drag and drop items instead and this takes very long. This is a bug that started happening with one of the recent patches, it was not a problem before. Please get this corrected as this is very annoying having to drag and drop items into one by one into the dismantling bench.


This has going on since last update on PS5 and I believe other gaming units a pain in the butt. However if you accidentally throw a legendary weapon in like I did when it first came out gives you a second chance not to destroy it. @Girakul

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Started for everyone when 3.0 hit.
Not fixed yet on test.


Poo I thought it would be fixed just like thralls not going into top left corner of work bench. Do you think this is intentional because it messes up people trying to do journey steps. @DeaconElie

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I am not sure about thralls not going into top left corner, what exactly do you mean by this? In my experience when you assign a thrall to a station they “visually” stand / sit in the right place, but then again I play on PC via Steam :slight_smile:

Taking them from your inventory and placing in top left corner by highlighting them and moving directly not putting in bench then moving to slot. You can do it but journey step does not complete. @Girakul

It must be really hard for someone responsible respond and tell us whats happening.
A lot of things on this forum is just players guessing.

Yup. Welcome to the funcom Conan exiles official server.

Note: This is not fixed in the next age, so it must be an extremely complex issue requiring months to figure out and fix. Or is so far down on the list it may become a legacy bug.

Oh ok, gotcha.

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@Funcom will this get fixed up?

My thoughts were this bug or feature was introduced along with the updated Journey system, as they required specific ways to track when players moved certain items into positions of workbenches. This also affected the placement of Profession Thralls directly into the crafting slot of the viewed workbench.

So for Dismantling Benches or even a Blacksmith, one would need to place the desired item directly into the top portion, as all Give or Shift-Click actions move your desired asset into the lower portions of the bench.

In correcting this issue, please ensure regression testing for the functionality of Journey steps occurs. Thank you.


Good point!

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