Dismanlte bench not working+thralls not able to be put in respective benches

New user so site won’t let me post images​:rage::rage:.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this situation to us.

You should now be able to post images/videos on the forum, would you kindly provide us with what is showing up on your end?

i had success to put thralls in their places, first to benches inventory and from there put it its place

I have also experienced this. John the Tinker and a tier 2 armorer just go into inventory. Tried John on 2 different furnaces. Dismantling bench never starts; never noticed an issue before Chapter 3 update.

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All items go straight to inventory of the bench.

Especially annoying on the dismantling bench where you now have to move one item at a time to the dismantling section.

Right trigger pull item to dismantle, or thrall to to make active, items goes to bench inventory.

Also close the code on the descriptions :drooling_face:

Both the new dismantling bench and the old one don’t dismantle since this new update.

They do you just have to manually move the items from the benches inventory up into the active slots.

Yes you have to move them manually. But this must be a bug because it never did this before. After a long outing with tons of stuff to be dismantled one should not have to manually move it. It should automatically be placed on the top when moving like it did before the update.

How do manually move them? Can’t select them after sending them too the bench. And all thralls go to inventory.

I have experienced this as well, first having to put thrall into crafting table inventory then move it to its crafter slot, i believe this is messing with some journey steps as well, when i try to finish the cooking Journey placing a cook into the Improved stove does not trigger the step and complete it. As far as the dismantling bench i actually find this ok, in case you throw something in by accident you didnt want to dismantle, which i have before.