UNDO Change to dismantling bench

I’ve been away from the game for a little bit, the change to having to drop things into the dismantle bar is so bad, i love the double click or shift click thing into boxes, but the dismantle should go into the dismantle, not into the inventory. makes it useless


Not useless, just inconvenient. I suppose it also works as a buffer for accidentally adding stuff to the bench that you didn’t want to.

But yeah, I’m still used to shift-clicking things into the dismantling queue.

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Personally I kinda like it because I often use the dismantling bench as a drop off, and since I can shift click the stuff into it without suddenly dismantling something I don’t want, is a Win-Win for me :grin:

It is pretty annoying for PlayStation. You will have to click and fail a lot just to dismantle a couple of items. It really seems to be a bug, not a new feature, so hopefully the team will fix it eventually.


Maybe it could be a toggable option and we have the best of both worlds


i agree, but it’s not just the dismantling bench. if you shift+click on anything that is supposed to go into a slot like that (i.e. crafters), they’ll go into the inventory of the station instead of the crafter slot. they ‘broke’ this. i’d also like to see it fixed.


I agree, options are good. Personally, I hate the change and I hope we can change it back


Yes it is a pain in the hiiny on ps4 ps5.


Took a slight adjustment to get used to- not a problem currently.

I will have to add the way it is now builds a safety into it shortly after they came out accidentally thrown in a legendary weapon we now keep away from benches.

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