Dismantling bench, Is it possible to get a little more?

Is it possible to get a little more from the Dismantling bench?

For example half of the initial cost of the items we dismantle?

It can help a lot at start!

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I guess they saw inflation and wanted longer progression, so they made the economy harder by lowering the reflux there, so you have to farm/craft more. (?)


I no longer bother hauling things to the dismantling bench. The materials are just not worth it.

Screenshot of the last time i did bother with it…


At least you are getting something back, i see no reason to increase the components coming from it.

Personally want it level req lowered into 20’s, when you actually need extra bits.

Find it pretty useful as is in SP, Tossing all Darfari and Black-Hand armors in. Helps a ton.

I must admit, I never found it to be useful at all before the crafting update and the brief period where it gave armor padding when you broke down armor. Once that was removed (because people kept loudly pointing out that ‘getting perfected padding is easy - just farm cimmerians and dismantle their armor’ - how did they think Funcom would respond, lol), I’ve barely used it and it’s back to just being another thing in the way. What few things it gives back just seem so pointless that I rarely even remove them from the bench…

To be clear, I also don’t much care - I never cared about the dismantling bench before, and I’ll probably never bother making another one - resources seem easy enough to get without carrying home a bunch of looted armor pieces or other constructed items that will only provide a fraction of their weight value in resources (and in my case those resources will then never be removed from the bench anyway).

So, I guess I’m slightly more on the side of the bench should give more resources (to make it feel (to me) actually worth the bother of building). But if it doesn’t get changed I’ll just carry on not using it with no big worries.

Well if you have the space or are close to the bench its a good extra but need to get more from it if i gona drag me encumberd home just 4 that.

Well, the bench can be picked up. Take it with you on a thrall or yourself, place it when you get something to dismatle of value and pick it up again afterwards.

I’m on Consoles, So no clue on newer updates of it.

For me… take out darfari camp, haul back 7-10 armors. Get abit of leather and some scraps.
Turn tool into extra iron bars.

Never found it… really Over Powered. (As on ps4, doesnt give padding) Just 1 of higher tiers parts. You’d have to farm quite abit to have a back stock.

By time I hit 60, I may have had enough to make 1 or 2 armors at 60.

I don’t use it end game much, I just don’t pick up extra weight. Mostly just useful super early when your getting alot of Blackhand, Darfari and Dogs of desert gear all time. All of its below 10% durability… little reason to carry around 19.90 pound spare coat that’ll last handful of hits.
Haul it back to side base? sure.

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Don’t worry too much about the bench giving paddings - that was a brief phase after the crafting update first released - I would imagine when you guys (finally) get your parity patch the bench will be pretty much as you are already experiencing it. And that was the only phase that I would even have thought someone calling it ‘overpowered’ wasn’t just talking nonsense (for me all that did was bring it up to a power level where I felt like it was worth my time :wink: ).

Your comment about not really using it end game much has got me thinking - I wonder if that could be part of why I don’t find it so useful. Recent patches also seem to have altered the rate at which I go through the early levels - the exp gain seems incredibly fast right now (to the extent that my next playthrough will probably involve lowering player exp to half) - I visited Gallaman’s Tomb yesterday with a level 48 or 49 character and got at least one level for the combat, plus then gained a full level just harvesting the brimstone and glowing goop on the way back out - that seemed a bit too fast :wink: So now you’ve got me thinking maybe by the time I would be getting the bench I’m already rapidly moving past a point where I’m likely to want it. Certainly a possible explanation.

I hope dismantling Cimmerian armor still gives hardened leather and layered fur. That’s how I made my perfected paddings before the brief period of time when they gave an actual padding.

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Ya, Funcom has knocked up exp rates over years, and each time I’ve knocked my SP back down.

Kills is 0.7 or .6, overall is at 0.5 Journay steps + map explore and normal gameplay. I get to lv40-48 fairly easy on on que with journal steps. (outside kinscourge)

Final trek to 60, is abit stretched out since Journal steps kinda end off. Killing everything and collecting stuff for lv60 tends fill in gaps.

I restart on 2nd character almost every week or so.

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