Recycling old weapons

It would be nice if at the smelter you could melt down tools and weapons for a portion of their raw materials.


I think this is a great idea or even a way to break down old gear in general I would be fine with even getting a single iron bar for a weapon trade

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I agree this would be a great idea, but they already said they weren’t going to allow this awhile back. Hopefully they change their minds.

Especially with the fact that currently the only thing you can do is either stash this useless item in hopes that you might meet someone else who could use it. Or you throw it out and waste all the materials. Its a big part of why I only use the spear… I got good enough with it, and now I dont wanna waste the materials to make/try all the other ones lol

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Ok I didn’t see this previously that’s good info to have.

If Funcom doesn’t want this in game possibly got balance reasons I dunno than it’s their game to choose.

I’m sure if it becomes a big enough deal someone will make the mod

This would be a good idea.

Whatever the cost of fully repairing the item would be at whatever state of disrepair your weapon/tool is…there should be an option to dismantle the item and get half of whatever that cost was.

So if you needed 2 leather and 15 steel bar to fully repair your steel tool and you chose to dismantle it, you should get back 1 leather and 7 steel bar. - As an example.


Or being able to use old weapons of the same class to repair damaged weapons. ie swords repare swords, daggers repare daggers, and bows repair bows. however you can also use a repair kit of approprate avancement to repair your weapons.

Maybe make it so that it can only be of same or lesser tier. Like you cant repair a stone sword with a steel sword, but you can fix a steel sword with stone, but it will only do like… 10%

They really need to revisit all item weights in the game and then I might bring back a weapon that I want to smelt down. Good idea though I always thought you should be able to recycle and reuse in Conan!

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@GRAV there is a mod providing such functionality already.

I would like to see that as well, not just for weapons but anything.
In case I upgrade a building, I do not seem to get back any resources as I would when dismatling first but that is a different subject, I might end up with some building elements of the Tier I am not using anymore, so I would like to recycle them as well without having to place and dismantle them by hand.

This would be one of the best concepts. Break down gear of the fallen enemies to better suit my needs of victory.