Can we get a dismantle system for unused or unneeded weapons and armor

I like to farm the thrall cities looking for good thralls and things like steal bars or rhino head soup. While doing this I end up collecting lot of steal or hardened steal weapons or tools. It would be awesome if we could use our blacksmiths to break these down similar to dismantling buildings.


we been saying this too, it makes no sense to not be able to recycle things, metal can always be melted down in real life why not in a game right

Good idea…maybe it could be a huge cauldron to smelt down stuff, a loom for armor and a special grinder for the rest.

i am a hamster…i collect things for thralls but …it´s to much…


Liked it before read… awesome title.

Reinforcements can be broken down back to ingots. So the same could apply to weapons and even armors too.

OR grinder could have a function to make “iron”/“Steel” powder too. And an option to smelt that back into bars.

ANYThing along these lines would be awesome.

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Good idea.
We need this.

Yep, definitely needed. I’ve boxes of unused weapons.

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If we do get this, I would like to see the material armours and linings able to be broken down into a material capable of making bandages, as once you’ve cut and stiched something you can’t really get the same out of it again when you take it apart.

Maybe just throwing some recipes on the grinder would be fine to signify the destruction of the item, but if you’re worried about realism, perhaps a quick unpick item could be made for the main hand, that allows another inventory item option when selected… recycle. Obviously only for armours, and throw some smelter recipes in there.

In fact, after I go now and look for a mod that does this, I might see if I can make one.

I did find this…

Yeah, i want this Option to!