Dye System For Statues?

Would be great to have this option and be able to further expand on building creativity. A dye system for statues.


Similar to how armor is done?

thats not a bad idea :slight_smile:
maybe including the Mitrean fountain statue, which does look good as it is, but could be a good way to use up spare dyes.

i actually thought of a new idea last night about dyes (after making a bunch for a little bit of experience points, but then only using a few and having several in a chest)…

what if there was a way to take spare Dyes, such as 5 of one type:

  • and dry all 5 of them in a dryer (using a bit of bark)
  • obtain 1x dried colour / name of that dye as powder
  • do the same for some other dyes (like just the main Colours for now, red / brown etc, not lighter or darker etc)
  • then put 5 different Dried Dye Powders into the Grinder (or Firebowl Cauldron) + 1 Liquid like Water orb, and it makes you a “Potion of Experienced Attribution” :slight_smile:

“Potion of Experienced Attribution” = when you make it, it gives you 100 experience
and when you drink it, it gives you +1 Feat points to spend. (adds you a feat point)

i think this would be really cool as if players move around the map, chopping cactus plants, getting Conchinals, and making some spare red dyes, plus drying, getting bark, and merging 5 of each as powder, i think they deserve a little bit of Experience points, and having 100xp plus 1 feat point wont really spoil much in terms of later level players, or be too much free xp :slight_smile:

(edit: the new potion would also require 1 yellow lotus, since those flowers are usually associated with feats and stats)

plus i forgot, water orbs also need Ichor, and Glass (which needs making into flasks, or getting crystal first) so there is always a limit on how many can be made until more resources are obtained :slight_smile:

Someone more knowledgeable than me with have to reply, but I believe Joel has addressed this before and the building pieces are not designed in such a way that this can be done. Maybe it was in the Firespark interview? Someone out there can probably find you a link.

Yeah paintable buildings is a long-standing wish from the community (and also, I’m sure, from the developers). Unfortunately it seems it’s not an easy thing to do at this stage: It’s another of those features that ideally you plan for from the beginning, because it just gets more and more expensive to implement the further you go.

tthere might be a way to “tint” the textures on the fly, but it might not work on all graphics cards or platforms

just linking to another idea someone had on stained glass (which could possibly also require the use of spare Dyes)

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