Pls make so we can dye our buildings with dye system we have

hey is it me or is just we they remaked they dye system to be used but we cannot dye over own buildings so its look way more cool and fun to play with.
this photo is just a taste how things could look with the dye system if they will put it on building pieces


Been thinking about how being able to dye building sets would be a great addition, but i see one major snag…

They couldn’t sell recolors in the store, no one would buy them with a building dye system.

I’d def go for a way to color my building tiles and add different patterns and i could seriously go for a re-sizing system as well for building pieces.


That explains.
Emberlight has made this building dye feature years ago.
And FC can’t do the same? No. Cuz they don’t want to. That’s why.

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Why do I have two arcane building sets. Because one was battlepass and other was bazzar.
The only difference is color


funcom dont have to put they dyes into the bazaar, why not making us using the old version of they dye system to just the builndings, it will be a better way to use the old system of they dyes to just the buildings olny so we have a chance to make much rich looking buildings.

its not same as if you can dye the buildings with a dye system

For one it is not just you since as @demonado pointed out there as been a mod in existence for years that has allowed you to do exactly this.

However, the problems with the current dye system (as bloody awful as it is) and the current buld system (which actually was an improvement over the old one) are this. 1). The dye system now REQUIRES you to place the item you want to dye into the bench with the bottle of dye in order to apply said dye. 2). Building pieces are not actually pieces of inventory and are crafted via the hammer but are never added to your inventory as items. Thus you have no piece to add to the bench in order to dye. The mod lets you change the colour of the pieces which have already been placed mind you, but the current system of dying items combined with the current system of building are basically mutually exclusive and Funcom would be required to create an entire new system to allow you to “apply dye” to built pieces.

the mods their was createt to dye buildings is not modded as you can dye what ever color their is and they are not updatet and many of does mod is wher you making the color darker or bighter frome the base coler the building are in i will say its bad way to color a build frome a mod system, and create a new system to dying builds will be good, but use the old dye system with a pencil so you can color your build ding will be a much better way, rather than create a hole new dye system frome the bottom, it will be a bad system if you have to place the building peice and then color it frome the hammer yea that will be bad, but they can use the old system to create building colors and create a special pencil their can color the build as you want it

It could be that Funcom don’t want to implement it due to it being another thing the game has to track and render in.

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Plus some players who build abominations would have the tools to make them even uglier and turn Exiled Lands into Legoland.


Some hideous lime green, hot pink and chrome abomination that can be spotted from any location on the map. Really immersive. /sarcasm


but if the person love does colours i think its okay becuse the person like what the person see and keep in mind if they person build it all op on his/her own then it is his/her Joyce to colour it, if you dont like then you can just stop looking at it, i see no problem in they adding it to the game where you can dyes the building pieces

It’s more things the game has to remember. Take a look at your build pieces count, then take into consideration the myriad of colours that each individual piece could be dyed. Poor PlayStation players already have enough problems with the game rendering correctly, this suggestion whilst nice in theory, could make the game unplayable for them

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Of course not.
Building dye system would allow you to dye it for free, while the arkane set from bazzar and battle pass cost real money.
Ive paid money for first battle pass and received arcane building set. After long time they put in bazzar same building set with different color and barley noticeable change to decoration design, that I had to pay money again.
If they introduce free building dye system. Thats great. But why did they sell same building set with different color separately?

i dont know why they sell 2 colours of if but they have done it with the most of the sets we got frome age of sorcery, but it will be a much better way for them to make the dye system to builds as part of the game if they ever gonna make it

Your concern regarding our Group just warms my Heart, oh fellow Exile. Thank you for your consideration, here’s your well earned Kudo! :blush::+1:

the thing their makes the serves un player able is when people have buildings so high and big builds the server cannot contain a good performance, so its op to the server admin ot the rules make sure people not kill the servers performence not they dye system, and people building more buildings just to have no shit on it then its the players own fault they are lagging not the game

The reason for there being two different colours for the arcane set is that the white set is a rerelease of the AoS Battlepass set. Funcom had stated that any former battlepass stuff that was rereleased in the bazaar would be slightly different to the original.

but that is not part of any dye system its a building piece set, and i see no problem they putting another colour on the building, and just becuse they adding another collor of they things its dosent mean they cannnot put in the a new dye system. but that doesnt change that their will much more use for the game to have the dye system so people can dye thir building to how they want to.

I personally hate how certain building sets are just slightly off-color so they don’t fit well together. Like Arena vs Lost Dungeon etc.

I wish there was a way to paint the whole structure with the color scheme of a single building piece… That way Funcom could still sell colors and I could get rid of this issue…