Request to revert clothes dyeing back to previous system

Please revert clothes dyeing back to the previous system.
This change has made dyeing much more inconvenient. The reason for the change was that the bench space was not used. This is not true. I would like you to try to put all of the dye crafting materials , paint brushes, and water flasks into the bench. You will find it quite full. It got plenty of use this way already.

I love putting together outfits and this change has made it less enjoyable and more tedious. If you really want to change dyeing then please make a better system than this, or just give us back the previous system. It was perfectly fine before.

Thanks for reading,


:point_up: This!


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: You will find many of us here that wholeheartedly agree with you - this change was unnecessary and detrimental. It either needs to offer some sort of actual improvement - dyeing entire sets or multiple items at the same time, saving and re-using dye patterns, even just being able to preview what it would look like on the other sex, something - or it really should just return to the previous system, as that was far better. If a bench really is being as little used as the devs seem to think it is (I’m not convinced it was, I always needed to build one and it was generally full of stuff), maybe the problem is with the bench and the solution is not to reduce functionality elsewhere to force its use. Why not just keep Functional Warpaints in the game if it was going to be so much of an issue, since they already provided another reason to need the dye bench (until they were removed because ‘rebalancing’…).


Wait, wait, WAIT!

Are you telling me the previous systems, which anyone could do at anytime as the mood struck them was superior to a level restricted oversized, overly expensive bench where you must dye one item at a time?

I am shocked by the ingratitude displayed over the devs and producer ignoring fixing actual errors while they replace processes that have been in the game and working without issues for over six years!

Don’t you realize they have not only reinvented the wheel, but they have broken the triple constraint. No longer will we be chained to systems and methods that anyone can figure out in seconds! What is this, SOLITAIRE?

Now, stop complaining or they will change it further and level lock dying above 25,and it will be all your fault.


Alternately, no one likes the new dye system. It was a bad decision made by folks who do not play the game for the same reason they pee in the soup.

It doesn’t make it better, but it sure makes it theirs!


You should add the “/s”, just in case. This is the Internet of 2024 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This one agrees, it was an obnoxious and odious change that added nothing save asinine extra steps.


Yes. Please. My brother @Barnes does RL dying as a part of one of his businesses. And it doesn’t require an Amazon distribution center-sized bench in order to do it.


Agreed, i wouldn’t mind more inventory on the bench itself either. The only thing i can say it has going for it is immersion, kind of. If i add a clothing stand or table next to it. That said i liked finding dyes and being able to apply them right away, it’s how i found out Cursed Green is is the best colour for the Yamato Demon chestpiece!




I want to change my thralls armor but I’m not spending six freaking hours on it.


Agreed, the new dyeing system is inferior to the previous system.


I’ve seen thousands of yards of hand-dyed material with multiple runs to create blends and unique colorations – all in the space of a standard IRL workbench. There is no reason why we need to have an aircraft carrier Dyer’s Bench made of later-game mats.

To be “realistic,” it seems like dyeing should only occur in Conan on a Bench. However, personally, the old system was great and something I looked forward to with every new character. Changing scrounged rags into something neato on the fly.


Adding my voice to going back to the old or a new system that makes the process of dyeing items easy and fluid.


Exactly. I’ve often used those early dyes that I find to then inform the colour scheme that the character may go for throughout the entire playthrough. While not exactly an ‘important’ thing, this was a nice little element of randomness that further helped to distinguish each playthrough from another. Put simply, it was something I liked and it is a shame to lose it for seemingly no great reason.


On my last run I had 9 vials of that violent yellow. 9 vials!

By that point I had scrounged a light skirt and some Aquilonian sandals. Oh well, bland is better than skivvies.

Thinking of old castles I can just envision the chore I’d have with all my duders and their custom armor. @Cauthey knows the kind of manpower I enjoy, and the kinds of armor. Having it dyed on the bench does change one’s workflow, especially in PvP.

And before anyone says PvP armor coloration is trivial, my eyes are a little old, so I need higher contrast on certain elements. Plus I like it when they pretty.


I’d also prefer the old dyeing system. As for giving the dyeing bench some additional purpose and incentive to use, why not make it into a station that can mass-dye armor? Got 20 guards you want to dress in a uniform? Use the dyeing bench to dye those armor pieces without having to do a whole bunch of clicking yourself.

And yeah, I know this would involve implementing a new system, which is costly in terms of effort. So was revamping the inventory and no one asked for it or liked it. :man_shrugging:




Absolutely agree with reverting to the old system.

While we’re at it, could we please get an improved dyer bench with a smaller footprint?


Absolutely agree!


Even better, put dyes back in the cauldron and do away with that enormous horrible eyesore altogether


I prefer putting thralls in bright colors so that I can distinguish from NPC,S due to older eyes. Making multiple sets are a pain in the bench let’s burn :fire: it.