Pls make so we can dye our buildings with dye system we have

yea it will help so much to many of the building pieces and allso it will give a more rich flavor to the buildings

Because there are enough people that cry and whine about paid exclusivity that Funcom can’t just make the battlepass items available for later. They have to make a slightly different version so all the day 1 people can continue feeling superior.

Incorporating a dye feature for walls and blocks would be AMAZING. And, they could use that same pass to FREE us from the dye AIR CRAFT CARRIER bench.

Yes please.

Even better if you could throw the dye cylinders like grenades to do your painting. Or… graffiti work. :smiley:

They made more money as well.
If they sell the same arcane building set in bazar, I wouldn’t buy it. Because it came with different color. I got it as well.
I do remember them saying they will not sell same stuff from battle pass in bazar.
On that logic. They should also stop rotating bazar stuf. What if someone cries?
Better change colors and sell as new stuff😄

You might be an exception to the rule. I personally wouldn’t feel the need to buy the exact same thing with a “barely noticeable change”. If it’s a set I really liked and the variation would allow me to get more/different use out of it, sure, but then I wouldn’t be complaining about how I “had to” buy it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I will never understand the mentality of limited exclusivity of digital items in a game you can play without seeing a single other person though so no one is going to convince me battlepasses are positive for customers.

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