Is it time for a boost in feature points for players?


See I could see this, if respecs weren’t so easily available. And I’m not asking for respecs to disappear, I think it’s the right thing to have them. But then I generally don’t like “forcing” players to do things, incentivizing - fine, but forcing - no.

Someone on my server is organizing a trading market (bless them!) but it seems to be a bit difficult to get traction, presumably because the only thing that isn’t readily available to everybody is DLC items from packs you haven’t bought yet.

Supposedly legendary repair kits and black/white dye would be great for trading too, but to my knowledge, no-one on the server has ever managed to capture a Purge thrall, and now the Purge is borked, so hardly anyone gets it at all. And of course end-game players probably don’t really need any items from low-level players, so there’s little basis for an economy (outside of RP, which our server isn’t).

You are lucky to have a server with 8 to 15 active players on it when you are. In my honest opinion that hardly counts as enough additional players to rely on for things you cant afford to specialize in. The reality of the matter is it is quite an inconvenience to some people, unlearning feats alone will take 7 minutes of clicking to relearn. Especially if you are only relearning to try a new armor set or weapon.

This game is on the very low end of the multiplayer spectrum. (10 people to a clan in 2018 is tiny!) The max server amount of 40 is also very restrictive in terms of “economy” and “interdependence” because half of these players could be your enemy. (They are not gonna make it for you.)

Bottom line. The entire (current)structure of this game fights against the idea of being able to rely on other people for access to feats you cant afford to learn. Low server cap for active players(40), low prime time numbers across most servers, nearly solo play at non prime time hours. Lack of official trade interface. Many (or all) of the players on a server may be an enemy not worth meeting. A lack of mounts means travel can be tedious, and most of the “helping” will necessarily come from high level players built way north (long walk) of the new, low feat characters.

I could go on, but really what I am saying is the “have a friend make the other half” logic does not function well enough with current mechanics to justify the inconvenient burden it places on everyones shoulders.

It would be wise to allow players TO GRIND for the added privledge of accessing more feat points so they can provide for themselves.

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I think a larger reason for the solo-play is how easy it is to respec. 7 mins!? On PC double click it takes me maybe 2-3 mins to respec all points. Mounts are not required at this point and not doable given the current system, players can fall through the map, and if you don’t like the 10/40(members/populace) servers join nonofficial servers. My clan funded ours for three months at 25/70(members/populace). During that time we had 119 individual logins but only 20 of them repeating. Meaning of our clan of 7 only 13 other players continuously played all of them were solo. Solo! Because it is so easy to solo by respecing so easily, not saying soloing itself is actually easy. I agree that it seems populations on servers are low across the board. But I am totally against increasing the points because it is toddler level easy to just respec. I am up for merging a few things together but the extra points is again entirely unnecessary just stop being lazy.

It is very hard to reach a compromise between making the game playable in single player and finding balance in multiplayer to sort of “force” online players to not be able to have all feats, so it makes it a must to specialize in feats in order to get items or whatever you cannot make yourself without help of other players (by sort of capping max feat points) from other players specialized in what you cannot make. Not easy at all, so far I think the balance is more or less okay I guess, though I’ve never played single player and can’t really voice in that direction.

Hang on I know a serious solo player we can ask @Shadoza how does the level of feat points feel for solo play and ease of respecing?

I too play almost entirely solo. That is, I play online official, but I play on my own, with no clan. Number of feat points are such that I never worry about it. Except for the very early levels, I never ran out.

But then I don’t worry about respeccing after a reset either, I just pick the things I want, when I need them, on an ad-hoc basis. Should I run about but need something, I’d respec to get that thing, done deal.

Shadoza plays solo/co-op almsot entirely.

Let’s not white knight here.

I have been with Funcom since the launch of Anarchy Online 17 years ago.

It certainly does not make me any better, or any smarter than anyone else, however, I will tell you this.

I hate to see Funcom making the same mistakes they have made in other games.

  • Needless inconveniences are bad for business.

Combine them with bugs and a small company. You have a flounder where you could have a whale.

Conan Exiles could, and hopefully will balloon into a monster of a game, and be hugely successful.

I want that success, I hope they continue to add tons of content (and player base).

Not everyone wants the same thing. But MOST everyone can agree…

Convenience is KING

Please Funcom, take a moment to consider my words twice.

Make this game more convenient where you can!

So when players inevitably get disemboweled and lose ALL their shi*. As they watch their base collapse into oblivion, wincing as months of finger cramps suddenly return to haunt them. Let them remember… “At least they made feats more reasonable.” … “At least they increased stack sizes.” … “At least they…” …

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Did some quick math just to lay it out. I am lvl 60.

Of the feats available to me. I have 199 learned, 155 unlearned.

The amount of feat points I would need to spend to access remaining feats is roughly 1200 feat points.

As of right now, I have spent 480 feat points, 17 to spare.

Roughly half of the game is unavailable to me unless I re-feat, at which point the other half of the game is unavailable to me.

This is irrefutably inconvenient, unnecessary, and most importantly… discouraging to a growing player base.

19 sets of armor I can not craft or repair, or provide to my thralls.

89 weapons I cannot craft for myself, noobs, thralls. Neither can I easily mount them on a wall for display unless I stumble upon such weapons.

That leaves about 30 or so shields/arrows/tools/shrines that I cannot freely, easily access. Not without the inconvenience of making a potion that rots in (20 seconds) and requires me to click well over 200 times before I am near back to normal.

Not to be the sourpuss,

Please keep up the good work. The game is 95% awesome, 5% unnecessary inconvenience.

We sont need it!

Need to know all feats unnecessary. However an increase 25-30% maybe more would be welcomed from a solo point of view but again knowing all feats not necessary. Thanks for the input shadoza.

I combine my feats with my wife and we have everything, she is mainly on charge of alchemy, garden and decoration because She prefer them, and I’m the armorer and resources guy :sunglasses: we never have had the need to respec feats. If we had do it (and we had) is because we wanted to change the atributes, however since the new potions from midnight grove patch, we just take the respec atr. One and we keep our feats as they are.

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if someone has a wife, they can accomplish anything in life :slight_smile: hehe

but back to the topic… i actually posted an idea about how this could be fixed, 1 sec i need to find it - maybe it can help…

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i found it: i was going to try making it as a mod (but have only learned how to make 1 new recipe so far with modding), but the idea was to be able to use some spare Dyes, to create potions that give you +1 Feat points :slight_smile:

the topic mentions statues, but actual idea is inside it:

rest pasted below for convenience:
what if there was a way to take spare Dyes, such as 5 of one type:

  • and dry all 5 of them in a dryer (using a bit of bark)
  • obtain 1x dried colour / name of that dye as powder
  • do the same for some other dyes (like just the main Colours for now, red / brown etc, not lighter or darker etc)
  • then put 5 different Dried Dye Powders into the Grinder (or Firebowl Cauldron) + 1 Liquid like Water orb, and it makes you a “Potion of Experienced Attribution” :slight_smile:

“Potion of Experienced Attribution” = when you make it, it gives you 100 experience
and when you drink it, it gives you +1 Feat points to spend. (adds you a feat point)

i think this would be really cool as if players move around the map, chopping cactus plants, getting Conchinals, and making some spare red dyes, plus drying, getting bark, and merging 5 of each as powder, i think they deserve a little bit of Experience points, and having 100xp plus 1 feat point wont really spoil much in terms of later level players, or be too much free xp :slight_smile:

(edit: the new potion would also require 1 yellow lotus, since those flowers are usually associated with feats and stats)

Kind of complicated and there seems to be no cap.

well, at first thought, it encourages the player to play some more, and they need to grind a bit to be able to find what they need to make the dyes, like some Orange Phykos for example, and they need a flask and water etc, and fuel for the cooking/making, but if they do a bit of work, they get some reward for their effort :slight_smile:

but sure, maybe a way of tying it into the levelling system could help, such as they can only make a certain amount, per level that they are or something. (refinements always welcome :slight_smile:

not to have enough feat points in a game where resetting them costs effectivly nothing and therefore calling the game P2W really is the last thing to cry about in this game^^
I don’t like the fact that any named armorer can craft flawless dlc-armor though.

well they would have access to the cosmetic part of the “cosmetic dlc” as they call it anyways, but without all the +9 bonuses essentially for free which is kind of P2W IMO.

I don’t think anyone necessarily wants to learn all the feats at once however there should be some content, either mid or endgame, that raise this bar a little as a reward for exploring and playing all parts of the game. Feats don’t give anyone an advantage in pvp or pve for knowing them, its just for crafting building convenience and the stronger feats are locked behind level and/or other feats so the restriction is already there for balance purposes.

I think the idea of players specializing their feats to work as a tribe sounds good on paper but as Jens pointed out this isn’t practical for everyone like those who are lone wolves. There should be content to expand on this number, as well as map markers (map markers locked behind exploring points of interests, increasing by 1 marker for every 10 poi located as an example).

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