Continue earning points for feats after max level

Once max level, you still need to get experience to get more feats points.
This is a very common behavior in games, and it would provide Conan Exiles with some extra endgame stuff to pursue.
I am aware of the potion to reset attributes and feats, and even though the resources to create this potion are easily obtained, it becomes very laborious and annoying.


If you know what you’re doing you can get to max level on base rates within a day or two. So this sounds profoundly broken.

That would mean that you can learn every feat without managing your points. I don’t think this is a good idea.

Imagine you have infinite attribute points. Players would be careless and spend points for whatever they want.

I like it the way it is now. You need to think first before you spend points. Otherwise you don’t have enough points at the end and you have to reset.


while i agree, the current system means our clanmembers have to be specialise, like a potion maker, a cook, a black smith and so on

sorry, but NO…

I would prefer to see more special / unique items (weapons, armors, food, buildings) unlocked / learned from stones, books or what ever. so you need to find it, but you dont have to use point to unlock it. This would be more interesting way and also add something more to Exploration aspect of the game.

I would go even further and remove some weapons, armors, decorations and even t3 buildings from the FEATS so you can find it out while exploring the world. This would even make more sense


Id have to agree, coming from ark, we had the ability to modify the ini. files to be able to add extra levels, and all the stuff the Devs created for us to have a more custom gameplay. Making every server more diverse in terms of gameplay we offer our server members.

I have not played online yet, and probably won’t until most of the bugs are fixed.
I can understand that this would be an issue for PvP and also online PvE, so I do understand your points after some reflection.

In Fallout, a lot of the stuff you can make is achieved by finding recipes just like in Conan Exiles.
Perhaps change some of the cosmetic feats to recipes that need to be found, then leave the really beneficial feats to something that you have to spend points on.