Any way to reset feat points on single player?

So I clicked the “apply” button in the admin panel by accident and made myself level 0. No big deal or so I thought, because after I made myself level 60 again I became the proud owner of almost 1000 feat points. I tried making my char lvl 1 and then lvl 60 again…didn’t really help to say the least. Is there anyway to fix this, some admin command I’m missing maybe? It’s bugging me like crazy because I know I haven’t earned these points.

P.S. I thought of going back to a previous save, but that means losing a week worth of progress, including quite a lot of hardened brick grinding and 3x Dalinsia’s, one of which got the Hallowed perk and that would be a shame.


I’m not sure, but if you use the Pippi management mod I think you can set the number of feat points you have.

I’m on PS5, so can’t use mods sadly, but thanks for the reply.

Did you try spawning a potion of natural learning?

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No, haven’t tried using a potion. But doesn’t that potion only remove feats I have already learned? My problem is that I currently have a total of 2000+ feat points, while there should be just 497…

If I remember correctly, by going level 60 you gain about 600 feat points, not one thousand. You can test it correctly by creating another user in your console, open the game from the new user and see the exact number you gain from level 60 on feat points. So you will use only these points. Then every fragment you farm eguals 10 feat points, so instead of comsuming it, you will throw it on the ground to decay.
For example if lvl 60 grants you 600 points and you have a thousand now, 400 is your plus, so farm 40 fragments and throw them to the ground, in exile lands is 2 days farming normal hours gameplay. So no big deal actually.
If you don’t want to face this situation again I suggest you official servers for your gaming experience and single player for the building experience.
I would suggest you your own vanilla server but eventually you will dig your finger to the honey jar and it will ruin your experience.

Ps welcome to the forum m8 :+1:t6:

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Ah I understand now. You have too many. Going to zero doesnt take em all away again?

If going to zero takes them all away, just notch yourself up level by level instead of jumping to 60

Haven’t thought about doing it level by level, but I think it’s to late for that. I already tried going back and forth from level 0 to 60 then to lvl 1 then 60 etc. and that’s how I ended up with so many feat points lol, so I don’t think this will work now but maybe I’ll give it a shot anyway.

@ stelagel thanks for the welcome. I think 497 was the total number of feat points for leveling normally from 1 to 60, but I might be wrong and it’s not that important anyway. And don’t get me wrong, I can constrain myself to just using the feat points I should have, it’s more an inconvenience rather than something game-braking, but I would like to fix it somehow if possible.


Damn PS4. If you would be on PC, it could’ve been solved by recreating the character and assigning it to the clan via some SQL on your local DB.


Functionally…why would you need feat points reset via admin panel?

If you are in admin panel just get a bunch of tablets of power and enough feat points to learn it all. Then you don’t have to worry about reallocating these points since you got it all.

Yeah, on PC this would be a non-issue. But maybe 3.0 will bring mod to console or more extensive admin panel options…one could dream, right?

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To learn about everything in the game you don’t need more 1.500 feat points, so feel no remorse about it, you just deny some grinding hours of your gaming time, it’s not such a big deal. If you decide to go in dungeons or unnamed city to farm the rare legendaries or rare armor pieces you will get hundreds of fragments until you get them all, trust me, no reason for remorse.
On the other hand to learn all the recipes of the archivist library, you will have chests of useless recipes.
I am happy you play on ps5, it must be awesome. If you ever decide to go official and need help, I can jump in your server for a few days to give you some starting help, feel free to ask, see you around m8 :+1:t6:.


Yeah, I know one day I’ll have all the feet points I need anyway thanks to the fragments and tablets of power. I’m a relatively new player and still haven’t gotten to that point. Actually I’ve put my adventuring on hold for now because I want to finish my base first. Once that is done I’ll get back to doing dungeons, farming Unnamed city etc. As for PS5, yeah it’s great. You can still tell the game is not optimized very well for the platform but it definitely helps alleviates some old gen woes.


This was never answered in previous posts about PS4, so it’s worth a shot if you have a peripheral keyboard for your PS5. If you do, and CE recognizes it, there’s a possibility you might be able to enter “Console Commands” in the way we do with PC.

ETA: I have never gotten a conventional keyboard to work on PS4 Conan despite my library of gadgets and kbs and peripherals, old and new.


I do have a wireless keyboard that works with PS5, just recently got it actually. Never tried it with Conan in particular, but I will now. Well, not exactly now since I’m away from home, but yeah, once I get back.


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