Unassigned feat points disappearing


Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Europe]

Before last major update, I had 28 unassigned feat points. After the update, they went down to 1.

This morning, I went to the Unnamed City to farm some fragments of power. I got one, used it, checked that it had added 10 feat points correctly. A couple of minutes later, they went down to 5. Tonight, after logging back into the game, there was just 1 unassigned feat point left.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Use a fragment of power to increase total feat points.
  2. If the points remain unassigned, they are incorrectly consumed over time until there is only 1 left.

I am having the same problem. I had over 50 Feat points from using fragments of powers before this update. After the update it went down to 10. I used another one last evening and I was back at 20. Checked this morning after server restart and I am at 6.

This is on official 1504. I just consumed another one so I am at 16, and will see where I am at tomorrow morning after the server restart.

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I had over 100 as well, then once I logged back on the next day, it was 4. So I calculated the points that I had spent thus far and 102 points are unaccounted for… It is a definite bug.

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Yep, definitely a bug.

Yesterday I was at 16 available, and 561 spent.

Today after the server restart I am at 12 available, and 575 spent.

I did not use any feats since I consumed the one fragment of power that took me from 6 to 16 available.

@Ignasi please get this to the devs.

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Private Server
Many Mods

Wife made 60 and had 497 possible feat points, spent them all. Got and used two fragments of power. Didn’t use the points. That left her with 20 points available. Server did it’s normal evening reset, she logged back in and had 15. Logged out and back in… 10. The thing is, the game was thinking she had USED 5 points each time, and counted them as spent, even though she hadn’t.

I had her use a Yellow lotus potion and at first seemed ok, but is still happening to her again.

Has not affected me, that I can tell. But I’m also an Admin on the server. I used MakeMeNormal and it still didnt’ affect me. Not sure why it affects her and not me?

I should probably mention that three others on my server have also reported issues along these lines.

Anyway, thought I’d give you another data point. Thank you!

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Hey @Manaan

Welcome to our community.
Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.


Thank you very much. Some more info. I had a typo in my previous reply.

I was at 12 avail / 575 spent. So I had the idea if I spent some on something maybe that would stabilize me. So I spent 6 on healing wraps, which took me to 6 avail and 581 spent.

When I logged back in later that day, I was at 1 avail, and 586 spent.

Logged in this morning after server restart and I am still at 1 avail, and 586 spent. I am going to consume a fragment of power now to see if it stays.

I was also hit by the bug as well. Logged in this morning to -20 (Negative 20) Feat points available. I have since taken a yellow lotus potion and used all my points, and consumed a fragment, and used all those points as well. I’ve logged out and back in about 3 times or so since then and it seems to be holding stable.
But even admins are not immune.

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Just checked on my new character on the new official 6111 server, and she had 62 available / 384 spent last night before I logged out. This morning she has 48 available and 398 spent. Originally I thought it was related to the fragments of power, but that does not seem to be the case. Hoping for a fix soon

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On Isle of Siptah map, think the same thing happened to me. Had 11 feat points when I logged out to escape being locked in a chair, when I logged back in I only had 2 feat points available.

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Yes me too … 107 when I signed out, 93 when I signed in … spent 9 and it showed 84, but when I looked again after about an hour of play it was down to 70!

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also, levelled up twice today and got no feat points extra at all!

Hey everybody,

Quick update: Our QA could confirm this issue and it’s now being looked into.
Thanks for the feedback and for your patience.


Hope this is being treated with some urgency … have had to reset twice now to retrieve feat points in order to progress … very tedious.

Friends are now saying the same … they just hadn’t realised or noticed

I’m on the verge of quitting as well as friends…this glitch is like poison and won’t be tolerated like the others left broken since day one. Won’t even use a lotus pot nowbout of fear of losing previously accumulated points.

Get over yourself. It’s a pain in the ■■■, but not even close to worth quitting over.


Literally the opposite of what people are describing in this thread. People are losing feat points, and are having to use Yellow Lotus Potions to reset in order to get those feat points back. If you and your friends are actually experiencing losing feat points because of taking Yellow Lotus Potions, and not just panicking because of something you read but haven’t experienced, then that would be a different bug and it would be very helpful if you could make a bug report on it, so that Funcom knows that is an issue.

Wow , how in heck do you know what will push someone to quit and the get over yourself, do you know how many bugs that person has had and that maybe just maybe this is the last straw. You are being rude and its not called for.

It’s already been confirmed and is being looked into. On top of that it has an easy if slightly inconvenient workaround in the meantime. Going ‘omg me and my friends are quitting’ over that is the definition of a temper tantrum. If you find being called out on that rude, well, I can live with that.


Added to which, there is the point that they weren’t even correct on what the bug does - claiming to be afraid to use Yellow Lotus Potions, when that is the fix for the bug, not the cause - which does rather imply that they have never experienced the bug at all…