[BUG] Feat Points Being unassigned

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Game mode: Private Server - Live
Problem: Bug

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Logged into our private server today and was playing for about an hour and then all of a sudden noticed 495 points from my Feats had been unassigned. I had worn a Sandstorm mask and was running around in the Sandstorm with it right before I noticed points reassigned. I thought I had accidentally taken a yellow potion since I was moving those from alchemy stove to crates. So I reassigned points again and continued playing. Go out to explore desert, wear Sandstorm mask in sandstorm and then continue on exploring after it passed. Noticed that Sandstorm mask was not able to be placed in head slot. Thought it might needed to be repaired. Got back to base and noticed that I could not repair it, and looked and low and behold 495 Feats points had been unassigned yet again.

Please help.

We run a “no mod” server and it seems this keeps happening after sandstorm passes.