Bug - Feats not taken into account for invited player

Hi all,

I noticed a bug today while playing in coop with a friend:

I was the host and my feats were correctly taken into account for the troops/ building bonus.

However, my friend had no bonuses, despite having already some feats validated, it was just as if he was a fresh new player.

Is this intended?

Thank you for this awsome game!

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Hey @Celtica

Welcome to our community and thanks for your feedback and kind words. We’ll send them to the devs so they can look into it.

Hey @Celtica,

Asking the team, I’ll keep you informed.

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Hey @Celtica,

Thanks for pointing it out, we’ll be taking a look and fixing the issue as soon as possible!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey @Celtica,

  • Was wondering if you knew the name of the Feat that was giving you guys trouble?

  • Since, I’ve been running some test using the “You Light Up My Life” Feat (Reach Veterancy with 50 Priestess) Both Host and Guest are having their feats updates properly in game. Although I did note that if you were looking at Feats outside of the game, via the Steam Achievements window, while the game was playing, that was slow to update but other than that not an issue.

Well last time I played we looked at starting gold and dwelings health.

I have rank 2 for starting gold feat, thus starting at 400 gold, and rank 2 at house feat, and my houses had 72 hp.

My friend started at 300 gold, and his houses had 60 hp, despite him beeing at the same rank as me in gold + house feats.

I couldn’t play in coop since monday, and couldn’t check if I still have the issue. I will come back to you as soon as I test it again (maybe tomorrow, but most probably beg of next week).

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Just wanted to add that my friend and I also experience this. Whoever was the guest didn’t get feats. My hero still had a 60s cooldown on the special ability and my units and walls had normal health.

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