Feats not showing

Game mode: Online
Problem: | Bug |
Region: EU

Hey so ive noticed that feats arnt showing. As an example i have learnt the build in sandstone, i can build the pieces in my inventory however on the feats page it shows as not learnt. Same with ever other feat ive learnt.

I have taken a yellow lotus to wipe everything and start again but the same issue is occuring. I learn the recipe but it dosnt show as green on the feats page and dosnt “unlock” the follow on pieces.

Ive no idea how to replicate it but didnt know if anyone else has the same issue?

All the best

Hi @Rabit, welcome to the community and thank you for reaching out!

Can you confirm this is happening in an official server?

Is it happening in other servers or in singleplayer?

Were you ever able to unlock any feat without this issue being present?

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