Feats missing in singleplayer

hey all!

iam playing this game in singleplayer loving it so far but are having some problems…

One major is that i seem to be missing alot of feats in the menu! for example i am missing carpenter and blacksmith and some that i have met the level requirment off like torchbearer is all red and i cant take it. It needs level 7 and i have level 20.

is my game bugged? i just checked and iam missing these feats in multiplayer too.

thanks alot in advance for reply!

Repro steps:

i see now iam missing alot of feats/recepies , like the grinder,improved firecamp. I have like 47 points i cant spend on anything! something is clearly wrong here!

Try pressing shoulder buttons when in feat list. The game ui needs some overhaul, who came up with that was clearly high

I had the same bug, the ones like “Kick” was greyed out. But it showed back as white after a little while so I think it will correct it self after a little while.

Thanks for the shoulder button tip it helped! I had no idea there were more tabs! This is a great game but it could need a tutorial of sorts!