Vault and Eldarium Feats vanishes from feats, resets or?

I have notice many times that the feats learnt in vaults like Insignias and the statutes(but not the armory and armors) stay in the feats for a while and vanishes from feats. Also eldarium chests and some voidforge feats like Parchments, hardened steel cages, etc.
Is this a thing in game that these feats have a set period of time , so that the players have to keep doing the vaults and visit tower ow few camps for feats … or
Is this a bug where if we reinter act the learnt feat, the feats may disappear or reset on its own.

Any discussion or suggestion would help me and a lot of folks. Thank you . Cheers

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They are not timed and they should not disappear but I have seen reports for feats disappearing on using yellow lotus potion. There was another bug that would hide/remove some feats on server restart if you haven’t specced the artisan bench feat. I am not sure if this was already patched or not.

this one thing is for sure happens when consuming yellow lotus potion. but only few… not all. so might there be patch for this in the coming updates.

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