Eldarium Chest Feat at Server Reset...Any updates yet?

Just looking to see if there has been any update on the vanishing Edlarium Chest Feat and Brazier Feat after each server reset?

For those that haven’t noticed, (at least on Siptah) Chests and Braziers have to be relearned EVERYTIME the server resets.

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I lost all my vault trophies and sigils except for one. Is that a thing, or could they be connected?

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Sigils are only good for your life. If you die, they go bye. Vault trophies? Do you mean the statues? Are you losing the feat to be able to make them?

Currently, the only feats that seem to reset are the Eldarium chests and brazier. You issue sounds like something new. I haven’t experienced that problem personally.

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Yes that is why you should always farm multiple sigils of the fiend. It protects your other sigils upon death.

However, the issues you are describing are likely linked to the yellow lotus potion issue, which is causing permanent feats to be lost.


Not aware of this bug. The only similar is what LordKAA is describing, when consuming a Yellow Lotus Potion.

I suggest making a bug report about your issue, in detail.


No, this is not a lotus potion issue. It happens when the server resets. I never noticed it until the last two days when I’ve had to go back to the Citadel to learn it again.

Are you on PlayStation? Also are you sure it’s only the chests, and braziers?

Either way I agree with multigun, if you’re certain that you haven’t reset your feats, you should probably write a detailed bug report.

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Yeah. Playstation and only those items. All of our players have been talking about this. And yes, I did also submit a bug report. I found similar reports, but they seemed to be related to potions. This issue is not. Its server reset that seems to be the factor.

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