Yellow Lotus Removing Perma-Feats

Game mode: [ Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [ US-East ]
Hardware: [ Xbox Series X ]

Bug Description:

When consuming a Yellow Lotus (and I assume a Natural Learning) Potion, permanent feats like the twitch drops, vault statues, vault insignia, vault trophy, and eldarium-reinforced chests are all removed incorrectly, and are uncraftable (not just hidden)

Expected Behavior:

Attributes and Purchased feats reset while permanent feats remain

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Learn or obtain an above mentioned perma- recipe
2. Consume Yellow Lotus Potion
3. See that it has reset the above mentioned perma- recipies incorrectly


I have noticed the same thing. I have several endarium chests I made from learning the feat and now after eating yellow lotus potion it has removed from my learning!


Yes, and I’m hoping the more permanent ones like the twitch drops will be re-added to us, and the upcoming rewards from the previous community event won’t just disappear.


Hi @Thornbush42 and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed this information over to the rest of the team so that they can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we look into this.


Just noticed it happens to hardened steel cages and eldarium braziers also. I’ll keep checking if anything else is lost and provide it here.

It seems to be happening across multiple platforms;

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Well, in the hyborian world Lotus is considered a drug. So what do you expect from taking drugs if not a little memory loss. :tongue:


moreso from a mindwipe drug

Be that as it may … These recipes are RNG based. Most people (including me) aren’t a big fan of these RNG recipes and the means by which you have to acquire them. Having a bug in it is … well, f’d up, to be quite honest.

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there are other potions that might help

True, there is also the potion of natural learning. Someone should probably check that one and see if it also removes feats it’s not supposed to.

But another thing to consider here is one of the journey steps is specifically to drink a yellow lotus potion. That makes things a little more problematic if the yellow lotus potion is bugged like this.

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just drink it before you go dungeoneering and you’ll be fine

But you need recipes for those. God knows that I would only use potion of bestial memory if I could, but unfortunately Funcom made them nigh unubtainable on Siptah. Yellow lotus is nobody’s favortie, but it’s always available.

This is obviously a bug and has to be adressed with a fix!
It is some time ago I used the yellow lotus but cannot remember to have lost those special perks

Just wanted to add my experience to the list. After using a lotus potion my character’s starting religion changed from Set to Mitra. The same thing happened to my clan mate, from Ymir to Mitra, but hers came back after she drank another one a few days later! I’m still on Mitra.

We are on Xbox, on an official server. I’m guessing that the lotus potion does its thing by overwriting some of the character’s code with code from the character creation screen - hence the religions changing to Mitra, the default.

Omg, I could have sworn I picked set when I started but after a while when I went to check I was Mitra… I chalked it up to me misclicking in the character creation screen and forgot about it.

Now this confirms my theory that something caused it to bug and I definitely had multiple yellow lotus potions between creating the character and finally checking my religion.

Yellow Lotus bug nuking perma feats even occurs on singleplayer mode. Created a fresh character on IoS, guzzled a yellow lotus potion before I’d even made it off the beach, got the journey step, got her to 60, grabbed every single Isle of Siptah feat and recipe currently available, sent her to Exiled Lands, all the explore journey steps broke…and the stupid yellow lotus potion journey step. Fine. Grab all the Exiled Lands feats and recipes. Copy her to Isle of Siptah as a precaution, guzzle a second yellow lotus potion, journey step completes and nukes all her IoS permafeats. Transfer back to EL again, feats intact…game wants me to drink that stupid f’n yellow lotus potion again. F that.

Ideally, either fix this annoying bug, allow bestial memory to accomplish it or do away with drink the yellow lotus potion as a journey step entirely.

New one, I think? Or perhaps I’m just stupid:

Game mode: Solo/Coop
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE-Conflict
Region: EU
Mods? : No

Bug Description:

I reset my attributes/feats via Yellow Lotus Potion. The DLC buildable content is now no longer available. It appears as green (unlocked) in the feats and the UNLOCK button is greyed out, just as it should be.

Expected Behavior:

I see no reason the DLC content should disappear from the build menus in response to a feat-reset.

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Ensure DLC installation/activation
  2. Create Imbibe Yellow Lotus Potion
  3. Unlock appropriate feats to regain access to DLC content
  4. Attempt to create DLC content

If I’m just beeing silly here and didn’t see a checkbox or another thing, feel free to laugh, but DO let me in on the joke, will ya?

The character’s inventory crafting menu can be sorted now, one sorting option is labeled “None”. This hides all dlc and just shows vanilla items. Is it possible that you have your menu sorted?

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