NEVER use yellow lotus potion!

Just to let everyone know: If you value the recipes you’ve gathered on the Isle of Siptah, don’t use yellow lotus potion. It can erase following feats:

  1. Vault sigils in Decoration
  2. Vault trophys in Decoration
  3. A number of recipes from the Esoteric Library in Survival

Please, if other players have noticed certain recipes disapearing from Feats after using the yellow lotus potion, add them here to the list.


I’m glad you tried it out. Yellow Lotus was a cause of this issue during Early Access as well. Thanks for taking the time to post, rather than just leaving. :slight_smile:


Hi I have discovered that you can lose the pirate banners recipe, and the hardened steel cages too. Weapons seem fine though…fingers crossed!!


I’m sorry Barnes, but I dismantled my bases both on Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah today. I honestly don’t know if this is a bug or if Funcom decided to change the rules of the game again without telling us and frankly - I don’t care anymore. I have a lot of other responsibilities and activities I want to engage in. Conan Exiles could have been one of them, but deleting a players progress without telling him/her is nothing less than a slap in the face. I just wanted to warn other players before I left, because Funcom is obviously not going to do anything about this.


They are aware;


Unfortunately I noticed this issue today… :frowning:


I always considered the drink yellow lotus potion feat annoying so I always made and drank it the first moment I could so i didn’t need to reassign all my feats and attribute points later in game.


It’s hugely annoying and I’m still of the opinion that there should be a more accessible means to the Midnight Alchemist feat in Siptah


Personally I try to avoid the mindset of respecing into the optimum setup for every activity. It takes from the meaning of building a character IMO. Still, when I do choose to respec, it would be nice if it actually worked as intended.


I would like to see a “loadout save” system. Even just 2 seperate attribute point allocation saves, one for combat and one for harvesting would be adequate.

Where do you propose these be saved? How often and how would you go from one load out to the others?

Actually I have to use this potion more than 2 years now . In exile lands always had 300 feat points unspend before I reach lvl 60 and after that , tablets of power . So this problem wouldn’t touch me but it’s good to know , thanks @Boreas :+1:

Maybe the character appearance adjustment table, or the cauldrons, or a potion that can recall the point allocation assigned to it…could be tons of options that would fit lore/existing game elements.

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