A better use for Alchemists (since player names are absent)

This wasn’t my idea, but I like it.

Someone suggested an alternative use for Alchemists, regarding post update anonymity.

We all know making player names not show up is an awful idea that only further encourages toxic behavior.

But someone elsewhere suggested…what if we could use Alchemists for scrying? Imagine, a small amount of gold, silver and crystals…and a menu would pop up of the past 48 hours showing buildings that took damage or were destroyed. You can then select one of the building pieces and spend the resources to “reveal” the name of the player(s) that damaged/destroyed it.

Figured that’d be interesting. Discuss?

The point being? It’s just an event log with a couple extra steps that make it even more one sided towards alpha clans. Nothing personal, but terrible idea.

The entire game is already one sided, no matter how many god awful “balancing” patches they throw in.

Make alchemists useful for something other than crafting mass bombs. Or give T4 ones the white and black dye recipes and give the purge thralls something else.

I will support you on giving T4s black and white dye, and personally think purge thralls should just be done away with completely.

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Dont do away with purge thralls, but yes, let the named alchemists create white dye at least. I still have over 100 dyes from the halloween event, but the way I dress my thralls I’m running out fast :stuck_out_tongue: And the event log, cant really say anything good about it. Its just a crutch for lazy large clans.

Purge thralls at this point, nearly a year out, are almost the equivalent of winning the lottery. I’m fine with being able to capture purge thralls, but they should not offer anything exclusive.

Ive yet to capture one, but I have 100s of legendary repair kits and dyes left from the halloween event. Wandered thru the Unnamed City and killed a few mobs that dropped them now. So no point in worrying about capturing purge thralls anymore. Unless they have more unique items.

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