Purge thralls aside, only 5 T4 Alchemists?

So, looking at the admin panel to spawn in thralls and I am seeing only 5 t4 alchemists in the panel, purge thralls aside. Is this really so or am I missing something. For almost all of the races, I usually can filter by typing alchemist_4 to get what I’m looking for. It usually works for anything I’m looking for outside of purge thralls, with a couple exceptions (like the Captain from Sepermeru).

Just curious, as it seems odd for Set City to be a level 60 type zone now and there be no t4 alchemist spawn there…

I know of only four non-Purge: Sranka Blacktooth (Lemurians), Rokur the Alchemist (Nordheimer), Darmok the Experimenter (Cimmerians) and the Votaries guy I’ve never met. Who’s the fifth?

But yeah, basically T4 non-Purge alchemists are rare as a hen’s teeth.

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Sayd Secret Keeper to add to your list, Votaries, but there is an Exile who’s name escapes me at the moment to make 5.

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Whoa, do you know the name? There is no alchemist_4 in the admin panel for darfari, so this could be a case of admin panel naming issues, i.e. relichuntercaptain instead of fighter_4. Thanks for the intel!

Adding a bump… since the anniversary patch, I’m seeing the addition of more unique thralls. Does anyone have any intel if they added any more T4 alchs? Using the admin panel and Alchemist_4 I’m still seeing the same 5 alchemists. Again, I know there are a few thralls that have a different admin panel name than using that, such as Chaonike pointed out.

What camp are you farming him from?

Wow, it’s great! Never heard of him.

Ok, sweet. Thanks!

I’m finding more new stuff… like the guys in sepermeru that at ‘bandits’… There’s thug, prowler, plunderer, and the leader. Their spawn name in the admin panel is relichunterrobber_ as opposed to relic_hunter_ like the others. Hence trying to get intel on what t4’s may be available in-game is a tad cumbersome XD

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