Where to find T4 alchemist

I have only seen 1 t4 alchemist and my thrall killed it, that was at the pagoda

As far as I know almost all t4 alchemist spawn it the purge and they have the extra white and black dye which can only come from the purge as far as I know

Witch doctor in the summoning place. Sranka near the Derketo religion trainer. Witchdoctor can make white and black dyes.


also check sinners refuge… has a spawnpoint right at the back as a “chosen of asura” (hope its not a mod added spawnpoint lol)

Only go for darfari witch doctor and purge alchemists. For some reason they have faster crafting times than normal t4 alchemists.

Summoning place is where the witchdoctor is

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Witch Doctor better than alchemist? I saw my 2nd tonight but again my thrall killed him

Witchdoctor is one of the best alchemists in the game.

The Witch Doctor fulfills all the functions of a T4 purge Alchemist Layu, and is much easier to obtain. As with Purge T4s, in addition to the aforementioned Black and White dyes, they also have recipes to create Oil, Tar and Spices. My previous T4 Alchemist was Sayd Secretkeeper from the Volcano. Since switching to my Witch Doctor, I have never looked back. I am uncertain if there are any other spawn locations, however Witch Doctors spawn at the Summoning Place at coordinates H,5.

If you wish to apprehend one and think your thrall will kill him/her out of a misguided sense of consideration, simply remove their weapon and give them a Truncheon in its place. Then you can work together knocking him out. Hope this helps Layu.

You can get T4 Alchemist at the Sinner Refuge quite easy but he/she can’t make White/Black Dye of course. But instead you can have T4 Taskmaster and T4 Mitra Priests there, and Exile Fighters are very easy to get rid of. By the way there can be a T4 Carpenter too. So give your Follower a truncheon instead of lethal weapon and go choose whom you want to get :wink:

If you can’t get an human purge, and can’t or refuse to spawn thralls as admin, your best T4 alchemist is the Witch Doctor at the Summoning Place. Even in my solo / co-op game he spawns very often, since I see him (sometimes her) each time I visit the Darfari capital for human hearts for Seth’s altar.


Witchdoctor and purge alchemists also have 300% increased crafting speeds as opposed to a regular t4 alchemist having 200%. I wasn’t aware until recently, but that’s what it says on the wiki. Kinda dumb tbh just because normal t4 alchemists are worthless because of witchdoctor

I’ve found a couple instances of Iblis in Seppimaru… So there is that too.

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Witch Doctor is the fastest, we had 3 in 2 days, Have 5 now.
Named ones are in a box somewhere.

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you can buy with gold coins at pirate bay. there are a change for named alchemist.

don’t go to search for slave with thrall equipped with a weapon !!! give him a truncheon so he will knock other thralls :slight_smile: and not kill precious t4

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If you want to have also the additional recipes for black/white dye for example you have two options:

  • Darfari Witch Doctor, at Summoning place
  • purge only alchemists

If you just need a “normal” named alchemist:

  • Darmok the Experimenter at Mounds of the Dead
  • Gilum’tun, Asuras Chosen at Sinner’s Refuge
  • Rokur the Alchemist at The Wardtowers
  • Sayd Secretkeeper at Volcano
  • Sranka Blacktooth at Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
  • Iblis of Zingara in Sepermeru
  • Immis of Zamora spawns at the Den
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About dancer at piratebay, is he or her?

witch Doctor best spawn point to farm.
Makes The white/black dye.
Faster craft time.
And if it doesn’t spawn, slight chance of Yog Archpriest in its place.


I kill that witch doctor so often… because of its mask.
Never did I see a T4 priest there.

Yesterday there was even another T4 alchemist. Blackend teeth or sth like that.

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u can also get rokurt in the north kindoms at the wardtowers and darmok at cimmeria ussually spawned up on plateau that connects the cimmerian huts…
sayd secret keeper at volcano and ofc witch doctor at summoning place.
As adviced , witch doctor is by far the best of them cause of the recipes and increased crafting speed

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