Desperetly looking to capture an alchemist

can someone tell me the current locations of alchemists?..i looked all over the internet and the mentioning of their location seems old and changed since then or i just have bad luck not getting them spawn in their said locations…

I assume you mean tier 4? If not tier 4, then just about anywhere. Otherwise, read below.

Darfari has one in the main city, Witch Doctor.

Heirs to the North has, if I recall correctly, 3 dedicated spawn points all around New Asagarth and surrounding watch towers.

Volcano has multiple shared spawn points for a tier 4. Used to have a dedicated spawn point, don’t know if they still do.

Mounds of the Dead has a dedicated spawn point for a tier 4.

Lemurian has a shared spawn pool for a tier 4, over by the religion NPC for Derketo.

That’s all I can immediately remember off the top of my head.


A faster way, raid a big base :slight_smile:

  • a trebuchet with 50 boulders to destroy the walls (and a part of pets and thralls)
  • 100 poison arrows to kill the remaining pets and thralls
  • 50 bombs to open chests

For T1-T3 alchesmist - Sepermeru
For T4 - vocalno has about 7-8 fixed spawn locations. Not 100% chance for a T4 but many spawns.
For T4 Purge - The Witch Doctor from the summoning place.

This is all based on the current live version.

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