Black and White Dye

Ok, I really want to use Black and White dyes. I can find Black on Volcano thralls, but I have yet to find any White.

Can you please just add these to all T4 alchemists? We have played this game since launch and have never once had a Thrall purge of any kind, much less one that we could find and capture an alchemist. The fact that we could never actually get to use these dyes is really unfair.


I kinda like that they’re super rare. I don’t have them myself yet, but it’s one of my end-game goals. Though I’m not sure if the Purges that include them are even possible to spawn on Officials (if no, that needs to change).


I have Sayd Secretkeeper alchemist t4 from the volcano, and he doesnt have black and white dyes.

I have actually captured a thrall from a purge on officials and he had black and white dye and I was stationed by mounds of the dead


Thank you for confirming it’s possible to get them on officials.

T4 Alchemists are rare. I only know of two non purge named alchemists. Purges are completely random. What they are, who they hit, and where. It’s theoretically possible to never get a human purge, with an alchemist, no matter how prepared you are for it. That’s just unfair.

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How do you mean? Because if it’s supposed to be random and rare, there is no entitlement to suggest what is or isn’t fair.

Well, you have your opinion and I have mine.

Paid content needs to be attainable by default.

There is nothing more default than an official server.

One could argue that some pay money to enjoy exclusivity. Other’s will argue that unofficial servers or admin panels is the answer.

I personally think a game needs to be fun. Having to do something one doesn’t enjoy for a very extended period of time is an irresponsible way of adding value to something.

Rare things should be attainable by good planning and execution, like composite obsidian and not by deliberately wasting someone’s time with chance.


What?? Sayd Secretkeeper is a guaranteed spawn in the volcano, I have like 30 of him.

I finally got my first human purge the other day. At mounds of the dead.

Shame it happened offline.

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See told ya and its always a good place to be because mounds of the dead is a great place to build and farm everything u need besides brimstone which is right around the corner.

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